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White13Pani Mar 22nd 2014 08:39 PM

ducati.ms (the MAIN ducati forum on the internet) has like 10,000X the users this site has, and doesn't have any of these little ridiculous "requirements"

This site got hit by some MAJOR spam several months back so there was/is a need to just have some sort of standard to try and weed out the bullshitters, but really it is unnecessary for Z to have his balls broken here..


Originally Posted by Tom yfz (Post 148435)
Boy, you moderators crack me up, this guy has sold many things on this site and you have the gall to jump on him to make sure he has a picture of his name next to the part for sale.......
There has been a set of R wheels that have been on sale here for about 2 weeks and not one thing has been said that there is no pictures, then the guy promises that he will post pictures soon, still is no pictures have been posted, but a price has been posted.

Then one of our super mods decides to post some parts for sale FEELER, no pictures , no prices.

Get over your self

Good luck with the tank sale

White13Pani Mar 22nd 2014 08:42 PM


Originally Posted by quackquack (Post 148470)
the R rims is ME and i notated feeler not 100 % for sale yet since wheels are still on my bike. And although zohisx is reputable the rule applies to him so no one else plays the children's game and sas "how come that guy doesn't do it" . its not policing its keeping us all safe a lot of crying going on for no reason

Clearly the guy is a clown... He complains about the policy being 'enforced' in this thread, yet at the same time he complains the policy wasn't enforced in your feeler thread quack. Must be a fool.... And it would make perfect sense that you have a set of wheels for sale as you PUBLICLY ANNOUNCED THE PURCHASE of evol's mag wheels. :eek: these people sometimes... :eek:

zohsix01 Mar 23rd 2014 04:32 AM

Thanks everyone! And no worries I'm happy to comply rules are rules and I don't run the site. A piece of paper with my awesome hand writing is easier then paying ebay fees :)

I'm selling the tank because I won't be needing a spare this year and this tank is way to perfect for track use in my opinion

Stw Mar 23rd 2014 05:43 AM

We all have our views about rules and styles of moderation.... We have so few rules (and what we have is for your protection) and such light handed moderation.... But you can never keep everyone happy...

Z...Good luck with your sale.... sorry for all the extra posts on your thread... You are indeed one of the premier sellers on here...

zohsix01 Mar 23rd 2014 06:02 PM


TransNone13 Mar 24th 2014 12:30 PM

Ah man, saw that going fast!

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