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NOLA Apr 1st 2014 05:55 PM

Termignoni exhaust guards
I am looking for a set of the Termi stock exhaust guards. I am speaking of the small triangle pieces, with two screw holes, that are at the bottom of the bike, protecting the non exhaust end of the mufflers.

Cost and condition ?



leftcoast32 Apr 1st 2014 05:59 PM

I plan to purchase the Carbon Fiber ones soon. If you still need them when I do you can have mine, they still look new.

NOLA Apr 1st 2014 07:53 PM

Sweet !…Any timeline on that ?


vj020 Apr 1st 2014 07:57 PM

Me too, I need a pair second in line after NOLA

leftcoast32 Apr 2nd 2014 05:50 AM


Originally Posted by NOLA (Post 149976)
Sweet !…Any timeline on that ?


I just need to recover from my most recent spending spree on the R. Probably a couple weeks.

Ducatiph1 Apr 2nd 2014 06:57 AM

What would your offer be on them? I'll go ahead and order the carbon ones today with a fair offer

White13Pani Apr 3rd 2014 03:40 AM

I have a pair (oem silver) for sale right now. Can ship tomorrow morning. Whoever is interested, pm me.

BadBoyBeltran Apr 4th 2014 02:44 PM

Sent PM.

By the way, How did you guys lose yours?

NOLA Apr 13th 2014 07:18 PM

Anyone, anyone ??

Echo, Echo…


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