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Feedback Thread for Buyers and Sellers

I think it would be good to have a running sticky to post feedback on transactions here so that people can search previous history.

I have to say ALL my transactions have been really good so far. Most of the time PayPal was sent sight-unseen and items came promptly and matched the description. Here's a list of sellers and buyers I've had good experiences with so far (many of these were large ticket items too) and wouldn't hesitate to deal with again:

jarelj(personal items and Duc of Omaha)
shifttechcarbon (personal items and shift-tech)
gunny fitz(we didn't deal together 1:1 but he's always willing to refer good deals and has)

Sorry if I'm missing anyone. Like I said 100% satisfied so far.


Hey Duc, can you make this a sticky?
Thanks from Phl and Gunny Fitz
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Feedback Section would be nice.
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shifttechcarbon A++ , i bought S wheel from him
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Gunny - Bellismoto A++++
Guido - Shift-tech A++++
Cobra700 - A++++
Thanks from Cobra700
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What about Austin Racing??

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Thumbs up Concur

I appreciate the vote of confidence Tri, and will always be willing to assist any member out with ANYTHING! Thanks to those who gave me a rating. I'd like to think of myself as one who replies and acts promptly to inquiries and the actual sale itself.

What I wish to make clear is that when selling my own personal items I will note this in Title line so it does not appear like it stems from Bellissimoto. Actually, I am trying to maintain a low ket presence as a forum sales rep for Randy at Bellissimoto and more often send PMs to members rather than deluge the threads with sale items. I intend on using the marketplace here for announcing new release items and specials we will host, as requested by the membership. Speaking of this- Randy is putting together sprocket specials for all those still on the fence about what direction they are gonna go on this issue. Last night I sent out 3 long ass emails to members on options for you guys, and some of my personal experience. If you would like it sent to you, please email me at GunnyFitz@yahoo.com.

To answer Tri's question I think this idea is really good and mirrors the Ebay type rating system so people know who they may NOT wish to deal with on here. We all saw some one post members log on just to post shady sales up and act cryptic you would think they work for NSA. Duc is seriously overwhelmed and I have not heard from him since the night we saw each other in Arlington,VA which was like 2 months ago!

This once great forum is going down fast with this spam and all the personal thrashing which occurs. I dont want to argue or openly clash with ANYONE here. It should be much more tight like a brotherhood if you ask me. Ironically enough I just mentioned this forum on my Dodge Cummins one yesterday and they are like that- supportive, not derogatory, helpful to anyone. and at least a bit civilized. Now you wont hear me whine "Cant we all get along?" like a famous man once did, but as of right now Im just laying low and trying to clear the slate on everyone and everything. Sorry for the long rant gents!

BTW- here is my votes casted:

Bellissimoto A+++ (Cmon you knew this-lol)
Shift Tech Carbon - A+++
Phil A++
Moto Science (Mirrors) A++
Redline Performance Motorsports (Rexxer) A+

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i am a great seller and a great buyer too
Thanks from Gunny Fitz
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Originally Posted by blinkme2028 View Post
what about austin racing??

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There is a 3rd party venue called heatware... We just need to choose whether to adopt that as a forum or not.


Just saying...

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