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Old Jul 11th 2013, 11:35 PM   #1
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Thumbs up hello NY, goodbye Panigale... ATGATT!

after over 1,000 km in the Alps for a week, no problems at all. had a fantastic time! road the most amazing roads of my life. and, i might add, mostly at incredibly high speeds. outrageous even. but not a single issue.

back in new york shitty for two days, back to the grind where the best part of my day is the commute, and i get hit by a pick-up truck making a u-turn across double yellows. hit and run (don't worry, i got the plates and witnesses). totaled my 2013 panigale ABS and, slightly more importantly, severely broke my leg. doctors weren't sure i could keep it for a few days. three surgeries and three hospital-weeks later, i am recovering at home. longest time-off from work since college, but no weight bearing until september. ugh.

i just sit in bed these days looking at motorcycle porn for hours (and sometimes the real stuff for about five to 10 minutes). as soon as i can walk again, my insurance money is going to turn my wrecked 1199 into a pikes peak multistrada. and my monster is getting radial brembo masters, keihin flatslides, new cf mivvs, and some full LED lighting.

it was wonderful while it lasted. and FWIW, i thought this board was pretty awesome -- helpful, informative and often hillarious (despite, and sometimes because of, some loud and whiny haters). the pani is pretty, but i will pick up a used 848 for the track and grow old on ducati's ADV offering (wink, wink), as it just seems so much safer. not that i could have avoided a maniac like this coming at me from the other side of the road in the blink of an eye, no matter how safe i was riding...

oh yeah, the main reason i wanted to write to you guys! the doctors said, if it hadn't been for my fully armored Rev'it track pants and my old Alpinestars SMX Plus boots, i would have either left a leg on York Ave., or they would have taken it in the OR. they also said my A* gloves saved me multiple hand surgeries and my CHEST PROTECTOR -- yes i go that far -- saved me fully collapsed lungs.

i recall thinking, as my head was smashing his windshield or the passenger window, ``thank god i spent the extra money on this schuberth helmet and made sure it fit right.'' and then i quickly prayed for no spinal injuries -- mind you that didn't stop me from jumping up on a crushed tibial plateau and chasing after him for a moment, after i'd bounced off of his f-250 super duty, until the pain in my leg brought me crashing back down to the pavement.

ALWAYS WEAR YOUR GEAR!!! i can't wait to get back on a bike. peace!
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Very sorry to hear this.....
Make the knt pay!!!!

And have a very speedy recovery man...

I genuinely laughed at the porn bit(5-10whaaaaTt )
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Old Jul 11th 2013, 11:49 PM   #3
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Heal quickly, glad you are ok, and hope the U turn fucker has been found and charged!!!!
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Old Jul 12th 2013, 01:03 AM   #4
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I am glad that you are around to tell the story, I don't that many people who managed to slam into 3/4 ton almost head on and hung around to share the experience. Heal quickly and enjoy the 'Strada!
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Get well soon.
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Old Jul 12th 2013, 01:28 AM   #6
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Thanks for sharing your awful event. Hope for your fast recovery.

You are right about wearing a proper gear and thanks for the reminder. You just never know.
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Old Jul 12th 2013, 02:09 AM   #7
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Good info on gear. Get well soon.
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Very sorry to hear about the accident. I hope you do get well soon.

A crushed tibial plateau takes a long time to heal. I had an accident in Mexico few years ago (fishing trip + Tequila, no bikes involved) the end result being serious tibial plateau fracture in my left knee. Two titanium L plates + 16 Ti screws to put the knee back together. Three months with a brace with a knee hinge. The knee exercise after you get your brace off is extremely important.
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Old Jul 12th 2013, 03:05 AM   #9
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Waw ! What a fighting spirit!
for us all to take our hat off to.

to make it to eighty, one needs quit of bit of sheer luck. But the luck won't help you out, if you don't apply your brain. Even good brains tend to forget and go :"well,.... ". So thanks for waking us all up and prove again, what should not need to be proven. As our brain does know all this.

heal well and savour the moment of anticipation to modding and mounting those georgous bikes! the satisfaction will be tremendous.

Lived quit a special moment yesterday in this area. during noon brake of a track day at ZOlder, a guy we know walked up to my friend and kissed him on the forehead. He was radiant about a time of 1:41 which is racepace. He left the box yelling : ' 1:41" , and this is all due to this man, this is all due to this man' while pointing at my friend. When i asked him what that was all about. Luc told me that that rider had had a hell of a crash when his brakes failed and had wilfully gone onto the grass to avoid a bunch of forerunners. The crash had literally killed him and it took emergency services 30 min of rescussitation to bring him back. To finally come out pritty unscaved. He then suffered mental problems to get back on a bike and my friend had nurtured him back to riding for 3 years.. and now he's fully back doing laps as he used to...

it was a sight to behold..

we'll root for you!

Thanks from showerfan

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This is why I don't go anywhere without my GoPro. Glad to hear you're, ok, sounded pretty awful.
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