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Originally Posted by mark419ny View Post
its because he spent 60k on bikes and still has to upgrade to get the proper performance out of it.
These are noob comments from people whom I question both of their ability.

If you cant fly a bone stock S you have personal issues no bike can solve.

You already admitted neither of you know how to properly set up a bike, and that your panties got wet when you rode his bike and you trembled in fear.

Fools we will read about on the net.
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Old Nov 11th 2013, 04:13 AM   #22
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I wonder how many people would like their bike a whole lot better if they didn't read the forum
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seriously....some of the on-going debates are like watching 2 kids fight in the sandbox in kindergarden. Cute, but can't stare at that shit all day everyday. Like kids thinking they're always right (we've all been there) because of their isolated incidents. But at this age, it's just pathetic.

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Originally Posted by mark419ny View Post
new members are still in the kool aid phase Phil. give them time. melted fairing, non working signal and horn, fogging dash, oil leak, dealing with the stealerships, and dealing with ducati NA. soon enough they will be complaining too.

one other thing which is over looked. white Pani rides his bike EVERYDAY. maybe when commenters on here put on a few miles they might run into problems. i know i have ridden to VA from NYC on my bike a few times point is if you are not riding the bike you wont have problems
Interesting theory. Well not really.

On another note, this whole "stealership" bandwagon you and your boy are on is as much of a potential indicator of the type of bike owners you are. I've had 3 Panis, all great experiences. I've worked with 3 Ducati dealers (Marin Speed Shop, Munroe, Duc Omaha), all great experiences. Just like with the bike, there's been minor issues every now and then but you respond by working with them, don't waste energy on whining, and spend your energy on the solution. Dealerships are just small businesses, important part of our economy and our local communities. Most don't make tons of money and most I know simply have a passion for motorcycles - calling them "stealerships" and your negative experience with them likely has more to do with your personal attitude towards them, your inclination to complain first, and your inability to develop a simple relationship with a dealership.

How much time have you and WhitePani spent posting whiny, negative, and repetitive comments on the board. Why are you guys still here? You should just leave.
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Originally Posted by mark419ny View Post
its because he spent 60k on bikes and still has to upgrade to get the proper performance out of it. thats why he complains. much like me. i complain when things go wrong BECAUSE of the premium i paid to get THIS BIKE. If i bought a R1 and things went wrong id say ok i only paid 13k its expected. Instead i pay 25- 30 k and things go wrong that is a problem
This theory doesn't really make any sense. It doesn't mean that the more money you spend on a bike or car that the less problems it should have. In an ideal world, sure. I'm certain all of us would wish that. In the real world, this is not and will never be the case. Look at the Ferrari 458 Italia. Was my fav Ferrari til they announced the La Ferrari. What's with some of them catching fire? That would mean a few isolated cases where some folks spent $300k on a car that goes up in flames because of a type of glue that was used along the lining of the wheel arch which is extremely close to the exhaust pipes and is highly likely to ignite? This caused a huge recall on a flaw by the manufacturer. Something as simple as a type of adhesive used can cause a huge meltdown? What a stupid thing to overlook by such a massive company with race proven history. Does that mean Ferrari is a POS company? Will people stop buying them because of a piss poor r&d over something as small as the type of adhesive used? I don't think so. They fucked up and realized it and recalled over 1200 458's for the fix. Not like they're mass produced so this was a major recall.

Point is, the price you pay on a bike or car is for all the high end parts on it, the r&d involved, the exclusivity and the advanced technology. If someone doesn't "expect" some sort of a problem, be it minor or major, that someone shouldn't own any motor vehicle and resort to cycling or walking.

I only used Ferrari as an example but there are many more companies who have similar "stupid" failures.
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