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RSR racer Aug 5th 2012 04:18 PM

With minimizing handle bar mounts in mind, has anyone used
The iPhone Garmin or Tom Tom apps and if so, are they functional enough? The reviews are mixed and unfortunately the Tom Tom app has some type of face book BS link and 3rd party access to data. ...the Garmin app doesn't have real time maps? And down loads them as needed?....what to do...nix the entire iPhone concept?

Any experiences out there?

Gunny Fitz Aug 5th 2012 04:36 PM

You trying to steal my topics and jump on the NAV bandwagon bro? LMFAO. I love you man!

RSR racer Aug 5th 2012 05:57 PM

Wouldn't even think of trying to bump you out of the lime lite into the orchestra pit head first at a Nugent concert ( ;-) )

It's just that since I got the 'Strada, I'm trying to consolidate a universal type of rig that I can minimize the gear on the bars with... Didn't realize how dependant I've come to be on the convenience of GPS maps. Not doing the blue tooth thing tho, I don't like any sounds other than what the bike makes when I'm riding. If I need to call someone; it will wait until it's convenient.

The current mounts and rigs are crazy...which way to go?

Thus my iPhone question...amazon has a nice water proof case and hard wire system for it but I don't even know if it will mate up with our limited space on the Pani, but the 'Strada has gobs of available space and even an option to pick up a dedicated Garmin unit for it. Maybe I'll check to see if it can be adapted to the Pani and call it a day.

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