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Originally Posted by mrbrettbaker View Post
As a trackday instructor/coach, let me add a bit to AntiHero's list. I can't stress enough to play close attention at the rider's meeting and ask questions if you are unsure. different tracks pose different problems that are gone over in the meeting. We have horrible crashes due to improper entering and leaving of the track, and they are always caused by someone doing something we repeatedly spoke of in the riders meeting.
One thing antihero mentioned that I'd like to "tweak" is that if you fall on the track, until you see what is coming STAY DOWN! I've been run over and not broken a bone. Peter Lenz died because he stood up and took a bike to the chest. My friend died because they sat up. you need to stay below the axle centerline of a bike. In a race environment when I've fallen on the track I try to stay still and count on the skills of the other riders to avoid an inanimate object, not act like a squirrel in the road.
Great advice. I hadn't even considered that as a possibility. It's never even been brought up in any driver's meetings I've been to. Post of the month right here.
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I Ride: 2012 Ducati Panigale 1199 S (Track) / 2008 Yamaha R6(Track)
also as a track day control rider I will add a few things..
most track orgs will tell you NOT to stop on the track during a red flag as antihero had stated...
slowly get off the throttle put you hand up in acknowledgement of the flag then off race pace.. but still as quickly and safely as possible continue around the track. and into the pits... during track days a lot of the time the ambulance isn't allowed on track till everyone is off.. so if you stop on track you are delaying critical care to some one that might need it..

other than that everything is really good,
listen close in the riders meeting. feel free to ask questions.
hydrate... hydrate... HYDRATE!!! the days before even..
if your not peeing your not drinking enough..
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I Ride: Tricolor, had 10R, 6R track bike, just sold RC51, started on CBR F4i
take some zip ties, bike cleaner, rags to clean your visor/helmet and bike during the day, look for some of those day of that look like they've done this a few times and if possible setup close or next to them, introduce yourself and its like a family during trackdays.

if you have a canopy and a chair for you thats huge for resting.

BABY WIPES!!!!! nothing like staying fresh...for the times you visit the mens room to lighten the load

I have a checklist i made, i run my 6r as track only etc. but more than welcomed to use, copy, add, etc.

I have an F-150 so thats my toy hauler.

Track Day Necessities:

Tires, brakes OK
No leaks
Everything is tight – nothing loose – do a once over
Clean bike

Tool Kit
Chain lube, cleaner, visor cleaner, rags, micro fiber cloths
Tire Pressure gauge
Electrical strip
Baby wipes
Fuel can
Bike Cover


Leather suit
Back Protector
Under Armor shirt / pants

Cooler w/ice
Water / Gatorade
Snacks / bananas
First aid kit

Weights for tent

IPod/IHome dock
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Are you guys using dedicated trailers, toy boxes, pickup truck beds, or renting UHaul trucks?
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I Ride: 2012 Ducati Panigale 1199 S (Track) / 2008 Yamaha R6(Track)
dedicated trailer.. 6x12 fits 2 bikes.. using pit bull TRS.. my genny. all gear/ stands and fuel.. the the bed of the truck for a 3rd bike if needed... all the 3rd bikes gear stands fuel fit in trailer as well.. used this set up for a few years now.. and multiple trips from ohio to Putnam / grattan / mid ohio/ Jennings and more
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Track day prep

Badass. Could anyone post pic of the interior of their trailer? I'm looking for quick and clean methods of securing the bike.


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Old Jan 25th 2019, 04:23 PM   #17
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Hey guys, scratching my head here. Installed my track only body kit. I unplugged the 4 headlight connectors, the air temp sensor, and the last remaining plug which im guessing is for the DRL.

I reinstalled the air temp sensor into the track intake and plugged it back in, then taped up the connectors up so no dust could get in, and bundled them up and ziptied them into a bundle. However, I'm getting a check engine light now. I'm still running a set of flush turn signals because I'm riding the bike on the street. Brake lights, rear turn signals, and kickstand are all plugged in. So the only thing unplugged are 5 of the 6 connectors on the headlight assembly. Anyone experience this? I started the bike up and its fine, and I also unplugged the battery but it still remains.

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What bike?
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Originally Posted by Moondognyc View Post
What bike?
959- sorry should have stated that
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Headlight is part of the CANBUS system. It will set the light off. Your dealership or I/m sure Ducati Omaha can get you the Ducati plug kit to make the light stay off.
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