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The Duchess of Desmo Sep 9th 2014 07:42 PM

Sad goodbye
http://http://i564.photobucket.com/albums/s...psofyiwlyt.jpgHad a wonderful last ride on the 1199, bathed in sunshine , running like a dream. I've had 11 months virtually trouble free riding from that wonderful handsome bike. I will miss him but he turned me into a hooligan big time!
I collected my new Pikes Peak and enjoyed playing in the Derbyshire Dales en route home. As you can see I am pleased!

Thanks guys for letting me hang out with you!
Stay safe

White13Pani Sep 9th 2014 07:43 PM

Enjoy! Miss mine everyday!

2WheelsRBetter Sep 9th 2014 08:02 PM

Sad goodbye indeed. I have appreciated reading the female perspective from you these past many months. My Ducati experience began with a 2010 MTS1200S. I still have it and I love it. I almost jumped to a Pikes Peak this year, then with a longing glance toward the 1199R, decided I've got to have a superbike at least once in my life. No regrets yet. :D

Enjoy that lovely Pikes Peak!

leftcoast32 Sep 9th 2014 08:16 PM

I have always enjoyed reading your posts. You will have fun on whatever bike you choose. The Pikes Peak has always pulled me in too.

farmind Sep 9th 2014 10:12 PM

Stick around anyway!

kope999R Sep 9th 2014 10:56 PM

if there is any bike to replace it : the PP is the one ! :) :) enjoy....

Buliwyf Sep 10th 2014 07:01 AM

Not really goodbye. We're over at Adventure Rider Motorcycle Forum as well. :D

Everything you need to know about traveling by bike, there.

madmaxx12 Sep 10th 2014 10:26 AM

Duchess, you are a inspiration to all the female riders and we will miss hearing from you on that side of the world. Enjoy your new toy and take care and hit us up from time to time and let us know how your rides are on your new baby. Take care.....:-)

Gunny Fitz Sep 10th 2014 11:18 AM

Ditto !!

Originally Posted by farmind (Post 174989)
Stick around anyway!

Agreed. No need to bail out on the forum and all. Stay aboard anyway while Im sure you will join up on another MS forum too! :D

Always great having that female rider perspective with us too!

Enjoy that new bike, sharp as hell if ya ask me - I want one now! :eek:
Stay safe Duchess!

Gunny out.

Germcati Sep 10th 2014 12:45 PM

No need to go anywhere, and i'm sure you can get into all sorts of misadventures on your NaughtyStrada!

Enjoy your new ride though.

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