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I think we're all a little abrasive because we've been there and we want to drive the point home that the bike is fine. Besides the worst that could happen is your handlebars fall off at 100mph...in which case you still have a rear brake and clutchless downshifting available :P
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Originally Posted by iamlance View Post
I tripped the other day and now don't trust my feet. Been sitting here since. I'm starting to smell.

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Besides the mirror, bar end, clutch lever, gear lever...

you might want to check:
1. clip on bent AND/OR might have rotated around the fork a millimetre or two
2. rearset (if OEM) might have bent a little

If case either has bent/rotated, they can both be bent back/adjusted (or replaced) very easily.
Besides that, it's as good as new, no matter how OCD you may or may not be.
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How old are you?
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I would agree you are paranoid, also delusional, and somewhat narcissistic. Also have serious OCD issues. Just ride it FFS, what are you going to do when it gets a stone chip? Or some dirt gets on it.?
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he could be a new-ish rider. He's also Asian. Having lived in Asia for nine years, while his sentiments sound completely crazy to an American, it's not completely out of line in an Asian culture, although probably on the anal side of things nonetheless.

There are other factors too. Ducatis are crazy expensive in Asian countries. While walking into my dealer a couple months ago and writing a check for $28k was no issue for me, I'm not so wealthy that I could so easily do the same for a $50k motorcycle, which is what it would have cost me if I were still living over there, for the same damned bike. It would have required more meticulous financial planning to afford the same bike that's in my garage right now, simply by virtue of being in a different country.

It also means that Ducatis are ridden only by a certain socioeconomic elite, whereas here in the US, they're not so expensive that we can't have a little economic diversity within this community. So the OP is going to come off a certain way.

Perhaps not the best analogy, but what if any of us had hit a massive pothole while driving our pride and joy Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, with an impact that bent the rim. You might hear "dude, just replace the wheel and drive", but you'd worry about the suspension linkage, front subframe, and if you might have made it impossible to perfectly align all four wheels. You'd care because, well, if you haven't seen or driven an F12 Berlinetta, holy shitballs, it is as awesome as it is out of my price range. And if I did mortgage my house and my kids educational futures to buy one tomorrow, I might be more than a little OCD about that car!
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Depends what you bought the bike for.
If it is meant more as a show piece than an instrument of pleasure then I get you.
After I dropped mine thinking the hard to operate kick stand locked in the downward position but did not, I realized shit will happen.

Hit birds, rocks and scuffed the soft clear coat with the wire that is running from my helmet to the radar detector.

I don't love her any less for the blemishes since she has given me pleasures I never imagined
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Originally Posted by Seismic View Post
On a practical note - when would you change a handlebar from a drop/crash? It is common knowledge that materials like alu will snap after a (sometimes) invisible stress fracture while steel will bend first.
If it can have invisible damage and you don't plan on having it scanned with an electron microscope just buy a new clip-on and enjoy the bike.

Aluminum does fatigue and can stress fracture which can result in catastrophic failure. If that concerns you make sure you also verify the torque on the clamping bolts. That is the most likely failure point after a drop or if the clamp has been over torqued.

Just be careful - you could be riding a ticking time bomb!
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Drop it on the other side.

Then it's even.
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Originally Posted by Indiana Jones View Post
I think we're all a little abrasive because we've been there and we want to drive the point home that the bike is fine. Besides the worst that could happen is your handlebars fall off at 100mph...in which case you still have a rear brake and clutchless downshifting available :P
Nah, we're just assholes.

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