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Dropped my bike - now what?

Ok guys - I need to vent a bit of frustration here, so please bare with me for the long post. I was parking my 1199S the other day in the basement and pushed down the side-stand on my bike. Unfortunately, I can not have done it correctly and I believe the side-stand might therefore have gone back up. Unaware of the fact that the side-stand was not down, I lean over to the left to park the bike, and the bike simply continue all the way to the floor with me on top.

As I (was lucky and) had one leg between the floor and the fairing, the obvious damage was limited to a broken mirror, scratched bar end, scratched clutch lever and scratched gear changer. No damage to me except a few superficial scratches.

Now, - here comes the issue..........I have lost confidence in my bike! What I mean by that is that even though I have changed the mirror, will change bar ends, levers and might change the gear changer, - I have this idea/concern in the back of my mind that other parts could have been structurally damaged as well when the bike hit the floor. I am contemplating changing the handle bar and will also bring the bike to a mechanic for a full check-up in order to minimise the risk of hidden damages.

However, even when the bike comes back from the shop and all damaged parts have been replaced, I know I will still not trust the bike. The concept of riding around on a bike that has been dropped makes me concerned (or paranoid - feel free to call me that ) and I am actually so discontent with the thought of riding the bike after this incident that I am considering selling the bike when it has been fully fixed. The main reason for the paranoia is most likely rooted in lack of trust in the local mechanics (including Ducati dealership) and lack of own knowledge and mechanical/technical capabilities to access and evaluate potential damages and risks after the drop.

Before I decide on whether to sell it off, I would like to hear from fellow riders how you deal with this kind of issue. I am for sure not the type of rider who will just ride a bike as long as it starts, but much more of the super-detailed, semi-paranoid, detail-fixated, perfectionist kind of type who wants everything to be in a perfect state and who is now in deep sh#t because this incident of throwing my bike to the floor has resulted in an overall dissatisfaction with the bike. Needless to say I am super pissed at myself and have an urgent need to hear some thoughts of fellow Ducati riders.

Thanks for reading through all this and sorry for all the frustration.
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You have a couple scratches on parts and you're thinking about selling the bike?

I've had low sides at the track, picked up the bike, inspected it and rode the rest of the day (twice). Seriously, replace the scratched parts if they really bother you and go ride the damn thing.
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From the time you first get on a bike and start to ride it takes this amount of time for you to build your confidence...

And this amount to lose it in a situation such as this...

(Steve @stw reminded me of this when I met him at the shop having the parts replaced - thanks)

I think your feelings are natural, however selling without giving it a chance will leave you even more frustrated in the long run.

Someone cut me off in a parking lot around this time last year and both my bike and my confidence suffered about the same amount of damage. I still get self conscious backing it up or walking it around a tight turn, but my strong interest in continuing to ride and the fun I have doing so motivates me to continue building it back up.

Hang in there.
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Sell the bike, you were never an actual rider anyway... That what the asshole in me says. Grow some balls... Oh, that's from the asshole too.

Learn to live with imperfection... Or you'll never actually like the Ducati. I'm getting better.

Dude, man up. you made a mistake and are placing blame on something else. I hope you don't live you life this way. Sorry, I guess the asshole in me can't let this one go.
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The bike is certainly safe to ride, and that seems to be the major cause for your concern. We all go down at one point or another, you just need to get back out there...

Similar to losing that first girlfriend...things get better!

There are no risks associated with laying your bike on its side, so enjoy and ride away.
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Your bike is fine. Mine tipped over after I took it off the rear stand and forgot to put the kickstand down. My mirror was fine because it was already folded inward. Otherwise mine had similar damage. I painted the scratch on the clutch lever and moved on. 10,000 miles later the bike is still amazing.
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You're taking the piss, surely!
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This thread is just a troll, right...?
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Have you ever watched MotoGP, WSBK, etc? Those guys will lowside at insane speeds, and pick the bike up and finish the race. Trust me, a tip over that resulted in a few scratches on the bar end and lever has absolutely zero effect on the reliability of the bike.

We all lose confidence at some point. I had a HUGE crash at a race, and I'm still working on getting my confidence back with lean angles. Just take it one step at a time.

Trust me, I know where you're coming from. It used to bother me BIG time when I got a scratch on the bike, now I just shrug it off...it's kinda cool actually...makes the bike yours and leaves you with some stories.

That being said, if you truly suffer some sort of OCD disorder, nothing anyone on here says is going to make you feel better. Although BurnCycle may have come off a bit harsh, he kinda has a point...you have basically have two options...man up, or sell it.

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Easy....fix it and move on. The bike isnt made of glass
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