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tteitei Mar 5th 2017 07:43 AM

oil leak from the clutch pushrod hole (1199 base 2012)
Hi, my friends 1199 base has a bad leak which appears to be around the clutch pushrod shaft. The shaft doesn't have the o rings that the older Ducati models have so does anyone know what is sealing this shaft? There was enough oil leaking to cover his left muffler at our last track day. I did also notice that the oil level was above the high mark as well, could this contribute to the oil leak?

Twistedracer Mar 5th 2017 10:08 AM

Oil level being high might be probable that the oil is being pushed into the air box then leaking down on the left side.

If it's actually coming out from behind the clutch slave unit maybe the seal on the anti rotation insert is bad. That's the only oil seal I could find on that side of the clutch pushrod.


endodoc Mar 5th 2017 10:53 AM

Oil or clutch fluid? There is a steel plate that sits between the slave cylinder and the block. That steel plate has an impregnated o-ring seal on the block side of it that seals the clutch rod. The plate is where the sprocket cover mounts. If it's clutch fluid then you have a piston seal issue.

tteitei Mar 5th 2017 04:28 PM

It's definitely engine oil. Thank you for the tip I didnt see the o ring in this plate so I'll check out the spare parts manual again as I don't want my friend being taken for a ride by the dealership.

tteitei Mar 5th 2017 04:53 PM

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Do you mean the chain guard shown in this picture? There doesn't seem to be any seal shown in the spare parts document.

endodoc Mar 5th 2017 06:20 PM

Yes. That long rounded metal bracket has an integrated o ring seal on the back side at the clutch rod hole. If its leaking, its probably there. The seal isn't very tight in the first place. I have has that on and off many times and so far, no leaks.

Gecko Mar 5th 2017 10:06 PM

I don't know about the 1299 but the 1199 does not have any seal or O-ring behind/inside the steel engine case protection bracket :(

I didn't see any seal on the 1299S spare parts catalogue either...

Twistedracer Mar 5th 2017 10:11 PM

The only seal I saw was the one on the anti rotation insert that goes into the back of the clutch slave cylinder. That's the pic I posted above.

endodoc Mar 5th 2017 10:15 PM

I will pull it if you guys want to see it. Mine def has one

Twistedracer Mar 5th 2017 10:18 PM


Originally Posted by endodoc (Post 274772)
I will pull it if you guys want to see it. Mine def has one

No need to pull. Is there a diagram that shows it? I can't find it.

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