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I'd pass,

look real hard at that rear wheel pic, I'd be surprised if the rear wheel tracked in line with the front.
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Yeah that rear wheel looks like it's pointing left in the pic. If you're looking for a streetbike I suggest to keep looking.
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Originally Posted by tyguidry View Post
A few questions immediately come to mind. What do you want to get from the bike? just casual cruising? are you going to track it? how handy are you? Personally, I would keep shopping.

I just purchased my first 1199 from a dealer 3 months ago. It was a tricolore in seemingly immaculate condition (dealer had it listed as such). The first 2 months of ownership were a bit of a nightmare. Bottom line, the bike, from the outside showed no signs of "suprises" but I was wrong. The first time I took the fairing off, I got misc hardware on the floor of my shop

After running the bike through the motions a few times and getting it up to operating temp, I discovered an oil leak.

shortly thereafter a map sensor took a dive.

Now with all that being said, according to them (I wont name the dealership) the bike was a single owner older male who was just simply too old to ride it any longer. I tell you this because there was no sign of track use/abuse. Your bike obviously tells a different story.

Additionally, I got my bike in the closest-to-stock condition you could find it. the oem license plate holder, mirrors, hell even the original adhesive reflectors were still stuck to the fork tubes. Your bike obviously tells a different story.

Are they going to offer a warranty on the bike?

Personally, I would ask they do a full inspection on their dime, you need to get your hands on the service history as well. see if any warranty work has been done.

Im rambling but these are just all immediate things that come to mind.

there was a 2013r on the classifieds that just sold for a price really close to this one. and it was in excellent condition.

again, I would keep shopping.

This is what you're likely to get.

I just purchased a 1299s with only 600 miles on it from a "reputable" dealer. Bike was "never tracked" I get to the dealer... Both tires have heavy wear... That kind of wear you only get from a track. Oil plug was changed to a drilled one and the oil cap was drilled. The dealer refused to admit it. The bike was the "owners brothers and he knows everything about it". Well... Misc. hardware, bolts missing, and an oil leak from the clutch cover I am now 30 miles in to the bike. The deal was decent... I should have known better... Looking back I should have bought something different but I was in a hurry to get the bike ready for a trip. Everything is good now but the last 45 days have been a headache. Go elsewhere.
Thanks from Gunny Fitz
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Old Jun 5th 2017, 09:52 AM   #16
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Hacky Moto!!! Pass on that thing a R shouldnt cost that little unless it was beat to snot 3 times over..
Keep looking for a R or buy the 2017 Ninja ZX-10RR..
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Old Jun 5th 2017, 10:28 AM   #17
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Pass My friend. I saw that bike at Road Atlanta. Its at WOW motorcycles right? There was something off about it. I discovered the R1 I bought from them had some well hidden damage on the clutch cover and the engine cover from a small tip over that I didn't notice until it was too late. chop it up to inexperience and a shady salesperson.

I'm sure it will run fine for now, but honestly if you are paying your hard earned money for anything at a dealer it needs to be in almost new shape; and I can guarantee you it wont be coming from them.

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Old Jun 5th 2017, 11:23 AM   #18
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I dont know if it was the angle of the picture but... I would walk away

Thanks from youngR and Mrdcook2
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they should part it out. dibs on the tank
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Old Jun 6th 2017, 12:26 PM   #20
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I wouldn't reject the bike just because it low-sided. It depends on the severity of the incident and what damage happened and if it was repaired correctly. Over the last 4 years, my 13R has low-sided on the track twice, one at 70 mph and just now at 35. No serious damage from the first and none from the second (had sliders that did the job). Bike runs perfectly. These bikes are not delicate. If there's damage on the bike that needs to be corrected, deduct the cost of that from this price. Right off the bat I wouldn't pay more than 12K for this one as is provided there's no frame or swing-arm damage. Big part of the reasoning behind this price is that it's missing original parts and not replaced with genuine ones.

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