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able duc Jul 15th 2017 10:50 PM

1199 vs RSV4 factory
I'm trying to decide between upgrading to an 1199 and moving the Ohlins, full Akra and OZ racing over to it. I'm looking for a bit more power to cover my riding failures, I do have coaching but they can only do so much :)

About a dozen social track days a year and bit of road stuff but not so much any more, an 1190 adventure R does that stuff now.

The other option is to buy an RSV4 Factory around the 2013 vintage, about the same money as a base 1199 and seem from all reports a pretty good thing. I asked the question on the April forum with helpful mixed views and hope the same here.

Mutt1979 Jul 15th 2017 10:54 PM

Having this discussion in another thread.

Check the weights, that thing is a beast, in the wrong sense..... Test ride no?

able duc Jul 15th 2017 11:09 PM


Originally Posted by Mutt1979 (Post 287340)
Having this discussion in another thread.

Check the weights, that thing is a beast, in the wrong sense..... Test ride no?

Yes but the discussion is the late model stuff 1299 and RSV4 RF, way out of my money.

Test riding one at the track is difficult, I ride an S1000rr every year at the BMW track ride day and really like the power and handling of them but when I get back onto a Duc (last year the 959 and the year before my 1098) they lack a little character and thought a V4 might work.

mrailing Jul 17th 2017 11:36 AM

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Well, being I have a 2016 Aprilia RSV4 RF and a 2015 1299 S in the garage, maybe I could answer a little. I have ridden both back to back. The 1299 S is my daily rider, and the RSV4 is my wife's daily rider. Honestly, I would own either of these bikes if I had the choice. Depends on if you want to say "I own a Ducati" or not. Or if you go to a MotoGP event and want to get in to Ducati Island parking with your Ducati. There are some perks to owning a Ducati that aren't there with the Aprilia.

Which one gives you the bigger... smile? :D

In terms of power/performance, this totally depends on how you ride. The Aprilia is top end power. It's missing the low end grunt of the Pani, seems to bog with low RPMs. Red line on the RSV4 is 13900 (I think, it's my wife's bike), and power really comes in around 9k RPM to red line, like an on/off switch there, power seems almost instant. The Pani pulls from 5000 to red line, and you can feel the grunt all around, and power feels kinda linear across the powerband, just freaking pulls anywhere. My 2007 R1 was peak power, rocket ship above 9k RPM, like the RSV4, in fact I found their power bands very similar, but the RSV4 has a bit more punch in the middle, but riding back to back with the 1299, it's lackluster in the bottom and mid-range. But if I ride back to back with the R1, the RSV4 pulls mid-line, and top end is similar.

Sound, dead sexy for both. When we have passed people, they have said "I don't know which one I liked being passed more, the V twin or the V4." LOL

In terms of handling, proper setup suspension for either bike are great. The S has the electronic, which I wanted, and it works well, but really, it wouldn't have bothered me having standard Ohlins forks and just make adjustments on occasion.

Electronics, very similar, especially if you have a pre-2017 model, which Aprilia really upgraded a few things, but pre-2017, the 1199 beats it. Although Aprilia does have a add on module that lets you make changes to settings based upon GPS coordinates for track using your phone. Need more wheelie control in turn 4, you can turn it up for that corner only, need more TC in a corner, turn it up. Pretty trick stuff that isn't on the Ducati.

Paint. Aprilia. The paint on the 1299 is thin, I have 3 rocks chips on the nose and one on the rear of the bike, from just standard riding, and I usually lead. Not super impressed with the Ducati paint, but the RSV4, it's a nice paint job, and feels like it will hold up better, there are some edges of the paint on the RSV4 that just didn't have attention to detail (overspray), but maybe we had a Monday painter...

Everything else is a toss up. Both bikes handle well, both are similar weight, both sound great. Really, which do you like better. Ducati parts are more expensive, but seem to be available, where some aftermarket stuff for the RSV4 is harder to get.

able duc Jul 17th 2017 11:55 AM

Thank you very much for the insight you have a nice stable, I bought a 2013 Base 1199 last night and couldn't be happier. It would have been nice to try something new but I've made my decision.
It should be an easy transition for me once I move over the Ohlins, full exhaust and Rapid Bike with other bits and pieces from the 899 and 959.

Thanks everyone.

Also if anyone has a set of forged wheels for an 1199 let me know, my OZ wheels will have to be sold (well at least the back:)

Calderara di Reno Jul 17th 2017 04:30 PM

Front wheels are rare, 1098 rear wheels are easy to find at swap in out at a reasonable price

b9009b Jul 17th 2017 05:18 PM

so you are aware the OZ wheels from you 899/959 wont fit the 1199

able duc Jul 18th 2017 02:50 AM


Originally Posted by b9009b (Post 287493)
so you are aware the OZ wheels from you 899/959 wont fit the 1199

Yeah only the front will fit. I need to sell both OZ wheels to an 899/959 owner or keep the front and sell the back.

Calderara di Reno forgot about the 1098 rear, Thanks.

Signaljp Jul 18th 2017 07:13 AM

I own both and I can honestly say that a over all bike would be the RSV4.

My 1199s is great too but for everyday riding and track, the rsv4 does the job fantastic.

I like the power curve of the rsv4 more, it's smoother and handles great. I have the APRC model which is the technology package for the rsv4. The 1199s has lots of raw power and performs best on the track. For everyday riding, the 1199s isn't as comfortable.

able duc Jul 19th 2017 11:52 PM

Just back to wheel talk.

Something like a Streetfighter S would be ok as well for the 1199 wouldn't it?

I saw a set today on one and the silver colour sort of looks ok. Might keep my eye out.

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