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PGH1199 Aug 7th 2017 03:48 AM

Dumb OCD Question
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I went for a ride the other day and noticed this for the first time. Is there an issue with this being off center and not lining up or is my OCD kicking in and it is just the way it was assembled. Nothing feels loose. Attachment 23743

Halo2 Aug 7th 2017 03:54 AM

They aren't straight from the factory

RetardedTiming Aug 7th 2017 04:15 AM

It's actually a nut and is torqued to a specific spec. So it's wherever it ends up. Anodize it black like I did and you won't notice it as much.

Panigaleownr85 Aug 7th 2017 06:36 AM

They are all off-center from the factory. You could straighten it out, but you would probably under/over torque the nut.

PGH1199 Aug 7th 2017 07:40 AM

Thanks to all for the info. I figured it was normal, it just caught my eye the other day and my OCD went haywire.

Gunny Fitz Aug 7th 2017 07:59 AM

How come I don't see that piece on mine? (Lol) :D

BTW- That's an AEM Triple Clamp in Black. IMHO it definitely felt alot less weight than the stock one that came off, not that it makes any difference at all to me.

***Damn!!! Wanted to attach the pic of it mounted on my Tri with all the other attachments as well (RAM Mounting Ball for GPS, Cell Phone, etc. Also the Black Bitubo Steering Damper as well which gives one TONS of various settings!!! :eek:

Anyway, this is what the AEM item is for you PGH. If you'd like to see that, or more of the million other aftermarket pieces on the bike PM me. Don't worry about the OCD either. There are literally TONS of us here who live the same way when it comes to our bikes man.

(Obviously that count MAY be a little off though- sorry!) :D


PGH1199 Aug 7th 2017 04:19 PM

Gunny thanks for the link, I defiantly dig the aftermarket triple clamps. Also the kind words about OCD. LOL! Your right if we weren't OCD we would have GSXR's.

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