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Fingerpuk May 30th 2018 10:25 AM

1199 or ... 1199.
Typing the thread title I think I made my mind up.

I have a test ride booked on a 2014 1199 base model with 3k on the clock for £11,500. The 1199 is the white whale I have been hunting for a long time, but the closer I get the more I think about the 959 or the 1299.

The 959 is a non starter with that exhaust, and is £3.5k more once they are changed. The 1299 is a fair whack more cash, but this is a long time own (maybe a life long keeper?).

To all the 1199 owners out there, what is it like to live with? What common problems should I look for when I test? How well has the bike stood up to time, is the build quality what youíd expect from a top callibre Ducati? What sounds mean something bad is coming, what are the signs on a well looked after 1199? If you had the choice again would you buy it? How many of you want to change yours for a 1299 or V4?

I will be riding in the sun only, the odd commute but mainly for fun. I have great roads near me, and my baby Monster 696 for town work if needed (I love that bike).

Iíve been riding for 19 years, every type of bike including Fireblade etc. The power doesnít concern me, neither does the heat or agressive nature of the throttle.

Think my mind is made up (itís prettier than the 1289 for me and itís the bike that put Ducati back to the top of the tree again) but you never know.


kensteele May 30th 2018 10:58 AM

i bought the 1199s in 2012 and i have not once wish i had the 1299 or the 959 or the v4. if i had to change anything it would be waiting until 2013 so as not to buy the first year model. all 1199's are good bikes but nothing against any of them, i'm so glad i got the S-model tho.

micao May 30th 2018 11:07 AM

1199 is the prettiest panigale out there. If bike is unchanged it is a 2013 model. 2014 came in red and matt black. No problem living wirh a 1199. What I would change on the bike is exhaust to get rid of cats and ecu map to get it a bit less jerky in the midrange. Stock exhaust tends to leak here and there also.

Styler May 30th 2018 11:27 AM

What they said above; however, I am told that the 1299 is much easier to ride fast because of its increased mid-range and better feel in the front end. That said, I'm tracking my bike, still love it after 15,000 miles and I've never lacked for front-end feel. (maybe I'm not pushing it hard enough to find the limit.)
The later the model year the better when it comes to electronics, which take huge leaps forward every year. My 2012 1199S is a fabulous bike; however, compared to modern electronics, it is very outdated. You'll notice this if you are racing against bikes with more recent electronics - anti wheelie, IMU with lean-sensitive traction control, etc.

outhouse May 31st 2018 08:16 AM

2013 1199s full termi exhaust, water pump gear showed to much wear but was changed out before it dumped teeth in the sump. 35 dollar part in 5 years, 3 hours time.

Love the bike, would not trade for anything else

Fingerpuk May 31st 2018 08:27 AM

Cheers all. I’m not racing, and as long as it has the same level of feel as the Desert Sled (no chicken strips in the knobblies) it’ll be fine.

Did any Panigale come with Agip stickers on? I wonder what they are hiding. I can’t get to see it until the day of the test, in the meantime I’ll keep my eyes open. May find a 1299 for a sensible price.

HiSpeed48 May 31st 2018 09:27 AM

Corner-exit on the 1199 leaves something to be desired. Heard that was fixed with geometry changes to the 1299. But it can be helped on the 1199 by swapping parts in the triple-trees.

Besides that it's an amazing bike, other than the heat and vibration that all Panigales suffer from.

Fingerpuk May 31st 2018 10:31 AM

The 1299 is only £2k more than an 1199. For non track use, is it worth it?

able duc May 31st 2018 12:43 PM


Originally Posted by Fingerpuk (Post 310647)
The 1299 is only £2k more than an 1199. For non track use, is it worth it?

For me it would be!

Fingerpuk Jun 1st 2018 04:21 AM

Are there specific questions you’d ask when buying a used 1199?

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