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Rebelicr Dec 20th 2018 11:09 PM

Handle Bar Mirrors
hi guys
Thinking of getting rid of the awefull ducati standard mirrors and fitting a set of handle bar mirrors
Any recommendations also thinking of fitting bar end indicators has anybody done this on here
Again any recommendations your help is much appreciated

RedRider0151 Dec 21st 2018 03:14 AM

I put them on mine and have never looked back. I was hesitant, as I have ALWAYS left my mirrors in stock position for last 20 years... I can tell you I regret not doing it sooner. THere is ZERO vibration in the mirrors I got, much better view, and I can move them around with zero issues, not worried about braking them, etc... It even caused me to make a video of the ones I got..LOLZ

JHTmcrider Dec 29th 2018 05:06 AM

I concur. I installed CRG mirrors this past summer and love them. I placed the NRG turn signals in the spot for the mirror plates and they seem to do fine. Bike looks a bit slimmer without those stalks in the air now. Took me a while to get used to them low.

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