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new to ducati

Hi everyone
Ive been a long time lerker of this forum for a while, but now I'm a new member cause i finally got the chance to buy my dream bike
A little about me, I've been riding my 2001 cbr600f4i for 8 years now. great bike does everything you want but always left you wanting something with a little personality. was always interested in ducat but wasn't sure if they were right for me. demoed a bunch of bikes but made the mistake of demoing a ducati first, cause it made all the japanese bikes seem boring and i was hooked on he twin feel.

finally found the bike the sparked my interest when i first started riding a like new low mileage 2012 1199 panigale abs
but its still winter here and can only stare at the motorcycle art until it warms up, I thought id introduce myself here.

this is my first ducati so i thought id ask if anyone has and cool stories of their panigales, maintenance tips, things to look out for, stuff like that.

Thanks for any responses and spring cant come soon enough!
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Welcome to the team and congrats!
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Welcome to the board. I too just bought an 1199S and still walk out into the garage just to look at it. Great feeling and they sure have character. Its my 2nd Duc superbike. There are a lot of experienced and smart guys here with tons of knowledge, so use the search function or ask questions and you'll get the answers you're looking for. Hopefully spring comes soon so you can get out and enjoy it! Ride safe..........

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Thank you
this is going to be a great riding season
since it just snowed again here the riding season is still a ways away i will probably hitting that search function for a bunch of random stuff I'm curious about.
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Welcome aboard, on my 3rd Ducati myself.
Loved the transfer, that 1199 will pull like a train compared to that F4i!
Enjoy the relationship.
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Old Feb 26th 2019, 04:28 PM   #6
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ya I'm looking forward to the chance to open it up a little it will be a hell of a rush. but glad to hear 3 ducatis later and still satisfied. I knew when i took a few for a demo i was hooked, when i start riding this around i know i can't go back to japanese.
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Well let you into a little secret the smart rider always has a back up plan that's why there is an 1100XX sitting in the garage as well as a few other Duc's.
One thing you will learn about the Panigale is a long hauler they aint like if you were going to do say a 500K one day ride you'd feel it.
We have just completed a Black Dog run here I took my 1199 S Tricolore as my V4's rear tyre is almost to the canvas (replacing next Saturday)
We did 450K's as there were 350+ bikes and it was tedious through the roads we went on as with that amount of traffic you could not get on the candle.
Besides its for a good cause all about mens suicide prevention anyway I digress have a back up as whilst the Panigale's are awesome to do serious miles they get tedious.

You will see the wisdom after your first 700-800 klm one dayer just how much they make you work hanging on at high speeds in corners as that's what they excel at fast paced stuff.
They dislike city traffic as they pig root and just painful cooking your upper legs good on cold days not so good in city traffic in 40 Celcius.

But my 3 Ducs I luv'em to bits each has its own personality the 2018 V4 S (The Angry One) the modded 2009 848 Xerox (The Lively one) and lastly my latest acquisition the 2012 1199 S Tricolore (The Nasty One).
2 & 3 are great fun the last one is an investment one as it only had 1500klms on it when I got it 2 weeks ago it now has 2700klms (I only get 1/2 Sat & Sun off work) so have to back off with it after I get the new tyre on the V4.
My 2009 Honda Repsol 1000RR is getting a new chain & sprockets soon so that will take the pressure off the dukes.

Also get the spacer kit into the throttle asap also Domino grips ditch the factory grips as they are as hard as scaffold tube.
The Tricolore has Termi slip ons and the factory up-map so is probably pushing as much HP as my V4 in a bike 10 kilos lighter awesomeness……….!
Have fun and tell us some of your adventures
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sorry meant to respond to this earlier. then somehow didn't.

a back up plan isn't a bad idea i haven't sold my honda yet.

that many bikes in one group ride would have been something to see. I do want to join in some charity rides this year.

I finally got a short first ride in. since it was really cold and salt and sand still on the roads and i haven't been on a bike in months i left it in wet mode and had to take it easy. but still had a bit of fun. I was on cloud nine even then, but even in 3c weather and sun going down my legs still got a bit warm. so i know your right it will be a brute in hot weather and city riding, but the character on the more open roads will more then make up for it.

you've got an impressive collection of bikes and I'm jelous you can put that many kms on them

I am curious how the V4 is in the long run. maybe in the future it will look good beside the 1199

and don't worry I've seen enough people say that spacer kit makes a huge difference ill order that when i order a proper under tail kit, the exhaust will have to come later

thanks for the info
Thanks from Cinders
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Old Apr 24th 2019, 04:21 PM   #9
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I thought i would finally give an update for my first experience with the 1199 with now a few good rides, last one being 4 hours mix city and highway

Overall, getting those few rides in (still not trusting the roads but little more each time) Im in love with it.
each ride i get off with a huge smile, and each time i twist that throttle i am laughing in my helmet that much power is addictive
The rideability, I actually can't get over how smooth this thing is compared to my old honda. even though its less forgiving then the honda if you give her the wrong instruction the almost perfect throttle is just to easy to get used to with in traffic and slow speed maneuvers.

my only main strike against it is the heat with anything under 70kph and in slow traffic almost burning my legs and it even shutoff at a light. I don't know when it was done last but ill do a rad flush to see if it helps. but i know its the nature of the beast and i might have to just change where and how i used to ride to compensate.
and my last ride my right signal and up scroll button stopped working while riding. I don't know if the recall was done ill have to call but we did get a lot of rain recently so there was a lot of moisture it got better by the end of the ride after shutting it off and letting it cool down a couple times. But on the highway home it was happy as could be, so i think ill be doing more highway in the future.

to summarize, cause I'm sore as hell right now lol it may be less comfortable make way more heat making city riding unbearable under 3000k and more likely ill get a speeding ticket. LOVE the thing no regrets every time i open my garage door and see that work of art it brings a smile to my face.

thanks for all the responses and welcoming me into the community!
Thanks from cmh210
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Glad to hear your loving the new bike! It's a hell of a rush and you can't beat the sound they make.
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