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Reverse shift pattern quick shifter question

So after doing a little research I decided I could not wait anymore for the Ducati Performance reverse shift kit. I was able to flip the knuckle to the top of the shaft. It looks like Ducati relieved an area on the frame where the quick shifter would hit so there looks to be enough clearance. Looking at the wires that come out of the quick shifter, black, red and blue Iím guessing the black is the ground and the red and blue are the signal wires. I extracted the red and blue and switched their position in the plastic connector. So after all this, the question is, will that work. I have not had a chance to road test it yet. Iím at work and have been working it out in my head. Guess Iím just looking for confirmation.
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2019-06-01 07_13_34-schaltplanGross.pdf - SumatraPDF.jpg

this diagram is labeled 1299s. ( has blipper option )
34 is the shift sensor.
3 is common sensors gnd
1 is common sensors vcc
2 is the (one) signal

if that wiring is true for 1299s ...?

looks more like a hall sensor wiring or so. (i know it has microswitches, but I also measured a resistance, so it is not clear to me how this works)
i would measure what happens on the signal wire in both cases.
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Obviously there are two pieces to changing the shift pattern when using an electronic QS. Mechanical and electrical. The QS sits in a 5v network/circuit. That circuit consists of the QS, H and V map sensors and the side stand switch. The ground is shared and the voltage signal (5v) is shared by all 4 components. The trigger wire from the QS goes directly to the ecu and supplies either a 1.9v or 3.1v signal to do it's thing (downshift and upshift, respectively). The GP kit comes with a gear selector lever and cross over cable that mods the QS push/pull polarity and changes the selector direction (rotate the shift shaft selector arm 180 degrees)I have never used a stock shifter or rear sets so Iím no help in setup but it should be pretty straightforward. The kit seems to work for the guys who have them. Yes the stock QS is a micro-switch design so the circuit is either engaged or disengaged. If you are unsure with regard to the schismatic representation use a meter to measure the voltage output of the push/pull to determine polarity.
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Check this video at 1:58

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So I was able to answer my question...No its not as simple as just swapping the red and blue wires in the connector. Since the Ducati Performance parts came into the dealer on Friday I decided to just wait and not delve into it any deeper. (On a side note I did learn that if the QS is not plugged in you get an engine warning on the dash. Plug it in and the warning goes away.)

Potato, I did see that video. Its not bad but he installs the Ducati Performance kit which consists of the different knuckle and a plug and play wiring connector to swap the function around.
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The factory quick shifter is actually a simple momentary micro switch. Switching the wire's will not work. What I did was take the quick shifter apart. You need to do a little machining on the quick shifter housing to allow clearance for the pin that activates the micro switch. Then you take the arm apart and move the spring to be on the arm and not sitting in the housing. Now you flip the micro switch around (it bolts rite back on). Flip the arm on the trans and bolt it up. Mine has been working this way for about 3 years now.
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Simple. Swap {red} and {black} leads on the factory MSQS.
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