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I Ride: 2014 Panigale 1199
Bought a 1199 panigale! Need some questions answered.

Hello all,

I have officially joined the ducati club by buying a used 2014 1199. I am in florida.

Couple of questions and a small story of the bike.

Bought the bike couple of weeks ago with 9800 miles on it. Already rode about 700 miles in the joy of getting the bike. But unfortunately the bike ran into some issues.

One evening, we were riding in town and got trapped in some serious rain. After riding in heavy rain for about 20 mins, the bike stalled and shut off at about 40 mph. Pulled in the parking lot, started the bike and it did start but some smoke came out. ( I am guess it was the water evaporating from the exhaust cuz I didnt smell anything). Smoke went away, and I rode the bike home. (Also rain stopped on my way home and bike was fine).

Couple of days later and after small in town ride, the bike threw a check engine light. The light kept going away and came back on. The bike sometime stalls as soon as I pull the clutch in for downshifting. Also, it takes a little bit more time to start. Sometimes it doesnt start in sport mode (which is what I usually ride in), but then I put it in race mode, try starting it and it fires up. Sometimes when I am riding it starts cutting power, becomes jerky, and I just get the feeling that something is not right.

Things were fine the first 700 miles or so. After one day in rain, all this starts happening.

I also started hearing a ticking sound from the right of the bike, (sounds a little like the dry clutch old ducatis had). [I am thinking the waterpump gears???]

Need some help on the bike. So now here are the questions.

1. Whats the best way to diagnose engine problems using which diagnostic tool/software?

2. Any preventative maintenance tips I need to keep in mind?

3. I am reading about the waterpump gears issues all over the place? Can this be done at home? I am little handy but not a ducati tech expert.

4. Does this bike run into issues when using in wet weather?

I want to eventually do track with this bike.

Thank you for reading through this. Safe riding.
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Is the evap canister still installed? That might be the cause of the stall when pulling in the clutch and harder starting.
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Just my $0.02 but when my water pump gears failed I had no noise change or overheating issues. I just happened to be doing an oil change and a bunch of gear teeth were in the catch pan. So as far as a quick diagnosis Id start with an oil change. That being said. What the hell does rain have to do with a bike shutting off or smoking. This could be related only if the bike was overheating and or pushing coolant out the rad cap. So first step I think would be to see if the fairing on the right has coolant dried up on it. Then if so, drain the oil and see if any gear teeth made it to the pan. If they did then you have to pull your pan and pick up tube as the screen will have teeth in it as well. Good luck. It is about a 1 hour job if you get the exhaust off without it fighting you.
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I Ride: 2012 1199
Diagnostic software info can be found in this thread:

MelcoDiag-Diagnostic Software for the 1199

You'll need to buy some cables/connectors but it works well. It's cheaper than a single trip to the dealer to run a diagnostic.
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Originally Posted by B Topp View Post
Is the evap canister still installed? That might be the cause of the stall when pulling in the clutch and harder starting.
My bike very seldom died when riding, but it did occasionally did. But it did reach a point when it was very hard to start when hot. I removed the canister and the problem immediately went away and has never had a problem again.
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Maybe the connectors under the seat area got wet and started causing electrical issues.
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Old Aug 26th 2019, 05:08 AM   #7
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I Ride: 2014 Panigale 1199
Thank you for all the recommendations.

I was working on the motorcycle this weekend. The evap canister was already bypassed I guess by the previous owner.

The bike ran fine all day, put about 50 miles on it, no issues, the check engine light went away. But at the end of the ride, the light came back on.

I am still working on getting Melcodiag. But I think its something to do with O2, lamda, or Air sensor. Bike runs great when there is no engine light but when the light comes on, I can feel that the ECU is doing something with fueling and stuff. It starts making popping noises out the exhaust, sounds like bike is coughing up; and because of that when you pull the clutch to downshift, it will stall on its own (sometimes).

I guess sometime this or next week when I have melcodiag I will troubleshoot further.
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I Ride: 2014 Panigale 1199

So I think the problem is corresponding to the quick shifter. If DQS is turned off on all modes, there is no problem with the bike. Everything runs great.

When DQS is turned on and used around 6k-8k rpm, it does shift and everything buts pops a check engine light.

Turn the bike off, disable DQS, start the bike and ride -Result: no light.

I will be opening up the clutch cover and inspecting the clutch just for sanity check. If everything is okay there, will replicate the error and diagnose it with melcodiag when the cables arrive.

Let me know if anyone has seen anything like this. Is there a thread dedicated to DQS and DQS troubleshooting?
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I would also diagnose or check / change the fuel pressure sensors. The symptoms you describe definitely categorize under those possibly being the culprit. Especially since you are throwing a code that keeps coming and going. I can't see the QS being the issue to cause that run / hard start problem. If evap canister wasn't already gone as you confirmed that would have been my first thing to take care.
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