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Originally Posted by mark419ny View Post
yes i agree with you on the mid range. maybe i wasnt as clear i was referring to the termi system on that part. my bad and when i was talking to akra they said you didnt need a tune at all but who knows. price is very high
they all say that. Look at the Austin Racing thread as well. They can't say otherwise you won't ever buy the product. You'll get an improvement just by weight but the real gains are with a proper tuned map that matches what you have on.
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1098/1198 termis full system had some issues with cracking where the welds were but latter fixed it with better welds. I never heard of any akro with cracking.
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All due respect to above opinions but the industry premium brand is Akrapovic. Quality welds, quality materials.

The exhausts meet legal requirements unless stated with the race / evo systems. They have always produced a product which gives genuine and significant gains at mid range and top end without any extra tuning but will always perform better when tuned like any system to the individual bike. IE my pani vs your pani will be different and thats why race bikes are blue printed for max performance!

Neither Akrapovic or Termi will crack on you unless you crash and they take a significant impact. Even then they are more likely going to bend rather than crack!

Great idea! If you want the ducks nuts Pani and bragging rights get your engine blue printed and massaged. LOL

None of these options are that bad guys even the AR! LOL just some of the claims and counter claims.
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personally i see no reason to go AKRA.
the main gap was on last years base with stock pipe and before upmap.

i d be very much interested in seeing the current stock pipe agains the Akra.
and then the full termi system.

the weight gain as stated is against the 7KG stock termi muffler.
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Hard to justify droping that much $ for the amount of gain. I do like how the cans look but still don't want to drop that much $. Termi slips for me and I'm just fine.
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i have owned Akrapovic and multiple termi's systems (full and slips). I have never had either crack, so not sure what that does to the data points.

Also, I imagine if you had the Akrapovic crack within any reasonable amount of time, they would take care of it for you. I've had nothing but excellent service from them for the exhausts I have had from them (and even on cars).
Thanks from BlueBear
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Originally Posted by BlueBear View Post
so i spoken and have chased details of the akrapovic for quite a while.
as time gets closer to release i wonder still to this day weather i should get termi or akra full system.

only real reason why i get stopped from ordering akrapovic which i prefer most is the myth of CRACKING.

so tonite i done a good search and have found that people that have both system have said akrapovic so well made that they have seen termi crack before akra.

so ill ask in this forum with people that had experience with both
have you had a full akrapovic system that has CRACKED. i dont consider the CF shield as cracking. im talking about PIPE crack.
i dont see where he asked to help him justify spending the money or slip on vs full system.
Thanks from BlueBear
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this post was really to help or provide information to people like me who are looking at full system.

so im spending the 4k+ regardless

akra came up being premium brand and have used there slip ons for all my bikes

but being a full system all Titanium there was this rumour. (cracking)
and this thread have answer my question and hope to answer others that are goin this way. also other threads from other forums have said the same.

this have heaps of time. wanna see other people and results if anyone go this way.
see if akra will change there exhaust from the last 6months
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My experience is that most titanium exhaust do develop cracks after a while due to the low fatique strength. The pounding of the exhaust pulse of the twin over time will cycle the material so it will develop cracks. Not so much with the inline 4. If you race and have lots of money titanium will do fine. If you want longevity go with stainless steel. My last titanium exhaust exploded on me on the backstraight of road atlanta on my 999. It shredded my rear tire as I came around turn 9. Not so much fun. All the 999 titanium mufflers developed stress cracks. That is just what you trade in for the weight savings. Since RA I prefer SS over Ti unless I have a factory ride.....
Thanks from BlueBear and VAST
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