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I Ride: Ducati 848
did anybody notice that the utube clip that started this thread read 1199 Panegale Problem fahrt?
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Originally Posted by Superquadro View Post
Hmm..after i watched it again.. about the termi..
the S model didn't come with it right?, and judging by the carbon heat guard it might as well be a full system exhaust upgrade, so probably it just didnt seal right when they change it..

probable false alarm..
maybe you guys were right, i'm beginning to accept the run in oil explanation..

@chuck - so what do you suggest about it?
It would be nice to get feedback from Ducati, but that isn't likely. As much as we all like their bikes, the company does not have a good reputation when it comes to admitting problems or even fixing them (i.e., rocker arm flaking problem, expanding gas tank, and for those of you that have been around a while, neutral light isses, etc.)
To assume that Ducati isn't responding because this is a non-issue is foolish. In the past, Ducat has failed to respond to MANY mecahnical defects, often refusing to even issue recalls. I'm not a technician so cannot speak to a proper fix, but agree with others that this does look like a problem. Also, based on that volume of smoke the bike may not even pass inspection. Who knows. But any explanation isn't going to make it smoke less. As one poster said, problems like this get worse. To just ignore it as normal is plain stupid. If it does become an issue, all of those posters who said "it's no big deal", please just suck it up and don't bitch later.
For some reason, many people fail to use logical common sense when it comes to motorcycles. They are so enamored with the brand that no matter what Ducati does, it's ok with them. I don't think an explanation is too much to ask for or expect given that each of us will be spending $20K+. The fact that Ducati doesn't respond to such issues is a testament to their 'could give a flyin' f*k attitude.' But since they have many supporters who think it's ok not to provide a response, no wonder they don't. Maybe things will change under new ownership.
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I was a victim of the expanding tank issue, as well as the leaking radiator on my 2009 1198 (simultaneously actually). I contacted the local dealership, and after a couple of weeks waiting for parts (reasonable in my opinion) my bike was fixed and didn't have any relapses. All was fully covered by the warranty, parts and labor. End result was I was a satisfied customer.

I realize that on a bike built to the almost absurd specifications of a Ducati Superbike, the engineers are gonna have make some compromises in the power and weight to price and durability equation, and they may not always completely get this balance right. I accept that, and in my experience Ducati stand behind their product. So I am not prepared to hit panic button yet.
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I was at the dealers today, where their demo is still in the showroom, I asked if they could start the bike, the engine ran for 15-20 seconds and filled the showroom with smoke, they had to open the large side windows to clear the smoke!!!
This bike has been out on the road for a short run yesterday so it is not down to a first run.

I want to understand this issue before I take delivery of my bike, this is not right on a modern engine!
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It's certainly not just the initial startup as Ducati Leeds demonstrator also does it, as I witnessed earlier today. It seems to be when the engine is cold, as an hour later when it has just come back from a test ride, it was restarted after being stood for maybe 10 minutes, and there was no smoke.

I've seen it mentioned elsewhere that it may be something to do with coating on exhaust.
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again today i went and test rode it, and i saw no issue with smoke on either start up or pulling away, although one answer maybe that the bike i have seen had the full termi system on it, do the bikes with smoke have the standard exhaust ??
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Old Mar 31st 2012, 11:51 AM   #68
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One I saw had a standard exhaust
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Originally Posted by Chuck View Post
HSomeone mentioned Porsche doing the same thing...not sure what they own but none of my 3 Porsches smokes in the least.
You sure are wound up tight. Hoping you don't keep your 1199 because I don't look forward to seeing more of your "Ducati is out screw us all" posts on every single 1199 forum online.

My two P cars smoke. As do many of them, 986, 987, 996, 997, 997.2 when overfilled, tracked or raced when the stock AOS is overwhelmed, Motorsport AOS fixes it.

Not saying it's a good thing, but not worth freaking out over.
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For those that missed the WSBK Supepole today; At the start of the first session, I noticednthe same white smoke formCheca's bike when the techs started it and were backing it out of the pit box.

Don't know if that means anything other than he had no issues with the bike, riding the ol girl to 3rd on the grid and a front row start.
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