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AntiHero Mar 22nd 2012 02:42 PM

Smoke from Exhaust
I've noticed that after startup the Panigale kicks out some blue smoke when revv'd. Is this a result of the backpressure relief thing to make startup easier?

You can see it here at 12 sec: 1199 Panigale erste Probefahrt - YouTube

And here at 17 sec:
Avviamento Ducati 1199 Panigale S - YouTube

turnone Mar 22nd 2012 03:00 PM

That is quite a bit of smoke. It doesn't look anything like moisture burn off to me. That looks like OIL.


Superquadro Mar 22nd 2012 03:00 PM

looks like we have the same concern..


AntiHero Mar 22nd 2012 04:29 PM

Yeah, it's definitely not moisture. Two exhaust valves open during starting to decompress the engine, making it easier to start so I was wondering if that could cause it (the more I think about that it doesn't make sense). But damn it sure is a lot of smoke. Maybe the secret to the low weight/high power is that the 1199 is really a two stroke?

vo2 Mar 23rd 2012 02:19 AM


Originally Posted by AntiHero (Post 4243)
...Maybe the secret to the low weight/high power is that the 1199 is really a two stroke?

But than it would not sound like "brooom brooom."

It would more sound like "rang tan tan"

AntiHero Mar 23rd 2012 07:47 AM

It was a joke. ;)

vo2 Mar 23rd 2012 04:13 PM


Originally Posted by AntiHero (Post 4284)
It was a joke. ;)

I know. Same here :D

DRSapp Mar 23rd 2012 07:13 PM

Tough nut to crack without more information. Blue smoke on startup usually means bad valve stem seals, but this can't be the case for both as the first video was well after startup on first rev.

Could be overfilled oil for run in... And/or to do with the crank case vacuum pump..

The most logical explanation I'm going with "is that both were of first starts on an engines needing to be run in".After all, we didn't see this in any of the Yas videos and none of the reviewers mentioned this in the reviews.

All this is just a guess with only the two vids to go on.

Bronston Mar 24th 2012 05:55 AM

I have noticed with both my previous K1200s and my current K1300s, that if I start the engine briefly, say to move the bike or something, when restarted later both would give a bit of smoke. Maybe a brief cold start, without warming up, leaves a bit of residual oil in the cylinders. Don't think I've done it with my 1198s, and the 1199 is a different bike anyway. I think the fit of the rings isn't very good when cold. Other than that, neither bike shows sign of oil burning.

AntiHero Mar 25th 2012 07:25 AM

From thewaxer on the Australian 1199 Demo thread:

"when into fraser today, got to start it up and it blew smoke when I started it. The guy there said its was just because it was cold and hadn't been warmed up properly. Im a little sceptical about it, but Im sure once the bike is run in and done some miles it will go away."

The only bikes I've ever owned that blew smoke had engine problems.

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