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I Ride: 2012 1199 Base/ABS
Full Termi's / Riding Position Review

I finally had a chance to see/hear and sit on a S/ABS with full Termi's this weekend. Unfortunately I haven't been fortunate to ride it yet. I thought I'd still add another person's thoughts about the riding position and full Termi's though. We all know the bike is sexy as all could be so I dont think I really need to comment on the looks : )

On the Riding Position:

Not to start this out like a dating website, but I'm about 6'-1", 185ish lbs. As soon as I sat on it, wow. It feels absolutely nothing like any other Ducati Sportbike I have ever ridden or sat on. Just like every other swinging dick out there has said, it really felt more like a Japanese bike than a Ducati. It was a VERY comfortable riding position. My knees found a great place to hug the tank, my arms were not over stretched reaching the bars, and I felt I could easily go for a long ride without needing to visit my chiropractor after. The stock seat was just fine. It had plenty of cushion.

I did notice the rear shock on my left leg once, but only noticed it more than thought of it as in the way or a hinderance. It hardly touched my leg when I had the balls of my feet planted on the foot pegs with my heels resting on the heel guards. I only payed attention to it because I read someone else commented on it before. The side stand wasn't as hard to deploy as other's have mentioned "needing to be a contortionist" to lower it. Also as others have mentioned, the rear sets did not appear to offer much grip and I can see those being replaced pronto.

When sitting on the bike, it does look and feel thin. I have a bit of a jaded opinion though because I am currently riding a 07' R1, a very wide bike. But, out of all the bikes I have ridden/owned, it did look and feel thin, but just the right amount of thin. Ya feel me?

On the Full Termignoni's:

They do look very nice, however I think the stock cans look better. I was standing behind the bike and looking at something else (saw something else shiny) when the dealer started the bike. It literally startled the crap out of me. HOLY FREAKING CRAP was it LOUD!! I could not believe how loud it was. I couldn't even have a conversation with someone while it was running. When he started twisting the throttle I just about pooped myself. It was such a beautiful sound. It revved very quickly and 'oh ma goodness' it sounded so sweet. I have yet to hear the stock pipes in person to compare, but holy crap the full Termi's were loud. Retarded loud. Sorry if any of you are retarded or have retarded kids or family, its just a saying : )

And yes, it did smoke a little bit when started, but I dont need to comment any further on that. Pretty sure we've beat the shit out of that dead horse. Dealer sait it is cause by a number of things in the manufacturer's oils and will go away after run it.

So, as I expected, I fucking fell in love with the bike even more. Like all of you, I CAN NOT WAIT to get my hands on mine. It was a dream come true to finally get to see it, touch it, kiss it, and caress it. But for fuck sake its going to be an even harder wait now.

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I Ride: 2012 1199 Panigale Tri
LOL - my thoughts exactly!
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I Ride: Tricolore
I havent been able to hear one run yet in person so I look forward to that. I was at the dealer on Friday to see the bike in person for the first time. Hearing about the bike on here then seeing it just make the wait that much worse. I further punished myself by going back on Sat. to another dealer to see the bike again. This one had the full termi's, and most of the carbon goodies available for the bike installed.
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Does the Tricolore come with a full exhaust or slip on?
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Slip on.
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