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1299s first impressions

First 350km is done. Mainly cruising around (after winter) dirty small roads, in a decent +13 Celsius Finnish spring weather.

Something about me. I'm almost 42years old. I have been riding since I was 6. I also used to race motocross, enduro, supermoto, iceroadracing and roadracing. Racing days were over 2006 when I won last Supersport class Finnish championship. But I am still a track day fan, go there and have been able to put Rookie 1000-class winning lap times with a standard street bike. I do consider myself still pretty fast, though far from competing in championship class.

I don't fear bikes. I've had pretty many serious bikes, with and without turbochargers even.

But this thing, it feels mental after winter break. It steers unbelievably well, it is easy to change line and put the front wheel exactly in between two stones spotted in the curve. Suspension is firm, but settings are easy to manage through instrument panel, and in soft position I would almost use a term comfortable from it. I am impressed!

Seating position is perfect to me. I am 1,8meter tall with 86cm inseam. When I sit straight, my helmet is just above turbulence from screen and fairing. The air coming over fairing hits my chest nicely, supporting weight out of my hands. Pegs are finally sorted and I did not notice any slipping with Gaerne race boots. Seat is good, far better than original seat of 899, where I was sliding constantly against the tank. I do have a race seat, but have not installed it yet. Ergos are very good to my mind for such a compact bike.

There is some pull from 3krpm up, but no vibration like old Ducatis used to have (even 899). I could easily cruise 100km/h with sixth gear, no complaints from motor. Only noticeable vibration was in the mirrors, blurring the image. Actually mirrors are worse than last year. I think that they are narrower, therefore could not see back unless pulling my elbow in.

Instrument panel is such a Nintendo, that I hate that. I'm an old guy, who used to highside when I was stupid with throttle. It is easier (a lot) than 899, but still quite many options to play around. I'm not sure if I like that, maybe within some time.

Then the motor. After first 300km pulled over and started with engine MED and DWC 5. Nailed it from a stand still until 240km/h. Funny, constant good pull, I can feel front wheel dancing on a tarmac, but still steering. Really smooth. Very good acceleration. After few km another stop, settings engine HIGH and DWC 2. The acceleration is more aggressive, lifting nose until 240km/h was in the clock. Adrenalin flowing. Then DWC off. FCUUUUCCK. even with 4th gear @220km/h being flat on the tank, small 1mm off throttle then wide open and this thing really hops into my lap lifting front really fast. FCUCING mental.

I did not dare to drive without DTC, will do that with slicks and race track. I had previous version S1KRR, which is a really good bike. Still, this is more aggressive with a good margin.

Conclusion. WOW, just WOW! I can't almost wait the summer to come, slicks and race track. I'm not saying that there is too much power, but it is at least adequate amount of it (lets face it, who has too much hp's, firepower or p*ssy?) Akra sound without noise killer is LOUD, louder than it should be on the street. I hope killers sort that out, but believe me, Akra sound is the best parts of heaven and hell when putting this baby into action.
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congratulations. It sounds like a lot of fun
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waiting and waiting

Congrats and thanks for the details of your expirence. Still waiting here in sunny California for 1299s
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Ha, great review. Enjoy!
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Thank you VERY much for your review... It sounds like EXACTLY what I wanted from Ducati. Like you, I owned a BMW S1000RR, which I put 53,000+ miles on and did a ton of trackdays. Great bike, but I always wanted it to be lighter, steer better and the stock suspension was OK for street riding, but fell to pieces once you got to a certain point on the track.

Cheers and thanks again.
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Excellent write up
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What no pics?

And old at 42? I'm 41 and I don't consider myself old at all!
Thanks from Twistedracer

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Originally Posted by flobrandx View Post
What no pics?

And old at 42? I'm 41 and I don't consider myself old at all!
And I'm 53 years old.. At the track, I love to tell the 20 something guys, "I may be old and fat, but I'm still faster than you are!"..
Thanks from flobrandx and Twistedracer
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These awesome reviews are making these sleeps even harder each night... My sales guy laughs with me every time I call and ask him for an update. He says he knows my pain, but I don't think he has ever bought and waited for a new 1299s...

Oh well, maybe Friday or next week.
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I have done a decent job leaving my salesman be but as the weeks pass I find more and more excuses to call him for "other" reasons!!
Thanks from JDBeretta
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