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Originally Posted by Mutt1979 View Post
Attachment 13233

Looks pretty safe to me........

Needs Brembos.
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Originally Posted by SmokinDaTrees View Post

This is a joke right? You broke my lurking vibe
This has me fucking rolling on the floor

This isnt a joke , this is really his first post lmaooooo
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Originally Posted by quackquack View Post
This has me fucking rolling on the floor

This isnt a joke , this is really his first post lmaooooo
It would scary if new riders think wet mode, wheelie control, or any other aid on a 1299 makes a bike safer to ride than an old 250.

Flash, the throttle can make the bike flip in a blink of an eye and the brakes can eject you quicker than a corrupt ref. If someone tells you it has a gear indicator for assured comfort report them!
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get a scrambler
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I rode a 250 for about a year then got an 1199. The ducati often humbles me back to the honda to learn more. Love both of my bikes. I have all of the aids on the Ducati and none on the Honda and the latter always feels easier to control. The immense braking power was probably the hardest thing to get used to, second to the power and reaching corners way faster than I feel comfortable at. There are countless situations where my experience on the Honda saved me from crashing the Ducati.

Get all of your basic learning done on a small bike with good ergonomics, you don't want to ride constantly intimidated of your machinery.
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You answered your question yourself

"For example, a new rider like myself would undoubtedly feel a lot more at ease on a used 250, for a number of reasons. Less things to worry about, and you won't be as scared/hesitant to ride a certain way, because you don't wanna drop your brand new 20k bike."

I did 2 years dirt riding starting on a XR75 moved to a CR125 then CR250 in 1974/5.
I rode bikes of that era buying a CB500/4 in 1975 then a brand new Z900 in 1976 .
Skinny tyres, wobbly frames and no brakes I had 3 good stacks thankfully the man above thought I needed more time here for some reason, where some of my riding friends are not.

Put a novice rider on a V4 Duc and tell them to cane the f**k out of it and see where they end up even with all the rider modes.
Nope I say start small learn the ropes progress slowly, there are more cars on our roads today and they do not give a toss what your riding.
Your mates are a few of the lucky ones who beat the Darwin system learning enough to keep themselves alive long enough to understand what they have between their legs and not their ears.

The question to you I ask if your riding a small 250 why you would ask this question when you have no clue as to the power these bikes can unleash.
I have just added to my brood a 2012 1199 Tricolore with only 1500klm's on it whilst not as quick as the V4 its no slouch probably neck & neck with my 1100XX or my CBR1000 Repsol
Thanks from trooper3

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Originally Posted by SecretlyaFish View Post
So, from what I have read over years and years as a motorcycle fan, usually people when suggesting a first bike fall into 2 groups. The people that say you must start on a 250 or below etc bike that is used and blah blah blah. And then there are the people that say, get whatever bike you want, it will only go as fast as you let it.

Both have their merits. For example, a new rider like myself would undoubtedly feel a lot more at ease on a used 250, for a number of reasons. Less things to worry about, and you won't be as scared/hesitant to ride a certain way, because you don't wanna drop your brand new 20k bike. That point is one of the best.

On the other hand, we have the bike bikes. Hayabusa's, Gsxr 1000s, Zx10R's, R1's etc. Lets say, all pre 2008. These are fine bikes, but they do have an enormous amount of power it could be easy to see someone not pay attention for a few seconds and make a mistake.

Then we have the motorcycles of today. The 1299, the Aprilia RSV4, S1000RR, the new R1. All of these bikes have very advanced traction control, wheelie control, stoppie control systems, as well as cutting edge abs.

In a recent test, I think it was the Suzuki 750 vs Triumph 675 vs Ducati 899. The Ducati was the only one with ABS, and out braked the others from 60mph by around 25 feet. That is a huge amount.

We are coming to the point now when technology can cover a huge amount of rider errors, and at the point now too when, in some cases, the motorcycle is simply faster with the electronics on, because not only do they not hold the bike back anymore they enhance it better than any rider could manually.

So, in your opinion, what is safer, a 250 ninja from say 1995, or a brand new Panigale 1299. Most mistakes that happen on a motorcycle can either trash the bike or end your life. If a person hits you from behind or cuts you off forcing you into a guard rail, won't matter what bike you are on. The 1299 has a wet mode, traction control, wheelie and stoppie control, and advanced abs. Would these things not make up for the greater amount of power that the motorcycle has. Would the Ducati by default because of these systems be the safer bike?

Lol a 250 ninja dude lol.

You can hamfist the the throttle at any point an it wont do anything stupid.

My 1299 still scares me after 8k rpm lol. Goes vertical at 180kmh just from getting on the power, in a straight line lol. Let alone the way it punches out of corners..

Cant believe this threads 5 pages long lol


Op is prob dead.
Thanks from trooper3
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Op is prob dead.

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I've a had a lot of bikes, none as powerful as the 1299. Had a big gap in riding while I had family, all I can say is that this kind of question about this class of bike is the same as saying can I fly a plane if I just buy one and go slowly. Anyone considering a big duck as a first bike is making a dangerous error.

My advice is do your time and come through the ranks and earn the right to ride a big bike, the world and you will be safer. As for electronic aids, they tame 200 horses somewhat but its still 200 horses.
Thanks from trooper3
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