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Second trackday

Finally it was the time for second date at racetrack. Weather was ok, only +14 but sunny. But now I am feeling a bit confused. Why?

I put Pirelli SC tires. Old ones still, just to make sure that I keep my head. I had a pair of Pirellis from 2012. I drove only a two sets with those then. I do have new ones, but since I was not trying to make anything but to know the bike, I decided to use them. And did not notice anything wrong with them. SC1 in the front, SC2 in the rear. After trackday:


So the tire wear was optimal. Front tire was scrubbing the plastic between radiators a bit:


Ok, why am I confused? Because of the suspension. I tried various settings in dynamic mode. But could not get a good feeling into the bike. For example heavy braking, I can not feel when the front is bottoming out. I tried the hardest option and second softest. Both driveable, but I'm not feeling what is happening in between the track and tire. Which is very strange. With every bike so far, I was able to test how much I can brake and then run with everything I can with using the grip there is. But the strangest thing is that the difference is not noticeable.

I think that in dynamic mode, maybe the bike is putting so much compression in during heavy braking, that it removes the bottoming out feeling. And since I'm not used into that, it felt like I can not trust the front. I felt rear hopping, saw ABS flashing and all of that, but not feeling the grip.

Then wheelies. Still a problem. I was planning to test different preload in the back and took my Íhlins tools with me. Only to find out that the preload adjuster is significantly smaller than in previous Íhlins shocks. Stupid me, why didn't I check that before? But now I changed my opinion about the spring. Last time I thought it might be too soft. But usually the the bike tries to open the line and push wide in the exit. It didn't, it kept the line perfectly as long as front wheel was on the tarmac. Maybe the spring is too stiff and again maybe dynamic mode is putting more compression under heavy throttle. Then the back is eventually too stiff and the front bounces because rear shock is not eating away anything.

This is supported by vicious headshakes under these circumstances.

The engine. Now that the throttle slack is away, it is better. But at the apex, when letting the brake away and opening throttle, there is a bit too much initial power. I was trying to open very very carefully in full lean, but almost every time the bike bursted out power, rear slided a bit and DTC caught that. DTC was doing again perfect job, but at that moment, I did not like that the bike spit power, then calmed down. OK, I should have had SC1 into that track and weather, but still.

All other factors are beyond great at this point. The bike is simply awesome. Elderly motorists visiting the track as a spectator, came to me praising the looks and sound.

And yes, it was me driving. I am still trying to get my track routine back. I maybe couldn't push the bike enough to get the feedback I wanted. Maybe. Still, the next time I'm going with fixed suspension settings. And try to get softer spring.

Videos, few short ones uploading. My Contour is apparently somehow broken. I bought a new battery into it, but it shuts down during sessions.

First one:

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Nice vid
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