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I Ride: '15 1299 Base, '15 R1, '16 Arctic Cat ZR8000RR
QS on a twin will always be slower than on an IL4 since there are less cylinders firing per revolution.

My 2013 1199 had Tuneboy with autoblip and was a bit better than OEM but not by much.

The OEM autoblip on my current 1299 is excruciatingly slow compared to the FT setup on my R1.
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Originally Posted by Ijustwantone View Post
Having read the replies to my thread i am somewhat surprised to read i am not the only one having this shifting issue. While i am not a electronic expert i do understand how the electronics behind quick shifters work. I can only guess that when the QS sensor is sensing that you are applying pressure which actuates the QS from there it sends a signal to the ECU which in turn would cut the ignition and unload the gearbox allowing the shift up into the next gear. So either Ducati have installed crappy quality QS sensors which are not sensing the up-shift and therefore not talking to the ECU to do its job or the ECU is doing its job but the cut to ignition is sometimes actually not unloading the gearbox allowing the gear to be moved into the next gear. Its interesting how at lower RPM my QS is absolutely fuckn silky smooth and faultless but up in the higher rev range that is when i have the problems which makes me believe that when the revs are in the higher range the gearbox has got so much torque running through it that even when the ignition is cut the load reduction is just not enough to allow the same kind of silky change as experienced in the lower rev range. What ever it is, I am seriously gutted about it because i have lost confidence in the QS and with the money we have all invested into these marvels of engineering a issue like this should be non existent.
I have a 1199 and have only missed a couple but it was me not the bike

To speed it up fit Tuneboy

Mine is set with half the time delay to oem
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Old Jul 8th 2017, 07:59 PM   #23
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QS failure leads to check engine light...seen that?

Originally Posted by Captain Greg View Post
I recently suffered a QS failure with my 1299, the local agent replaced the QS sensor switch with a new one, now its very smooth, also I had a long cut out when in 5th at high Rpm and going to 6th,with original QS
I have had a failure with my QS also. The dealer has the bike now to fix it. The check engine light came on, the mode indicator started blinking, and I could see that DQS was off. After shutting off the bike for a while it would start normally, but then the check engine light etcetera would occur again.

Anyone seen anything like that?

I'm waiting for the ducati rep to determine a course of action. I'm in a hurry. Not sure they are.
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I'm waiting for the ducati rep to determine a course of action. I'm in a hurry. Not sure they are.

Good luck on that..LOL

Ducati is not known for quick fixes for electrical glitches on the 1299 Panigale. From what I have seen and experienced with my own issues as far as the factory rep etc...they simply don't give a shit either.. !!

The Ducati product is losing it's rep as a reliable "premium" bike more and more..
The dealers generally try to help their customers as much as they can but when it comes to having the factory rep come in to look at a problem they are slow to respond..
Personally, I think the factory knows about many of the issues (like the bikes engine randomly dying/completely shutting off on you just sitting there in traffic etc.) However due to inherent design flaws, they are not going to be able to fix them (or are just not willing to fix them) and the general public that purchases their bikes just have to put up with it.. You know that good ol'e "Ducati Character" we hear so much about..LOL

Word gets around... The Ducati factory guys need to spend a little more time on fixing the issues with their bikes instead of promoting their IMAGE of a "premium" Motorcycle because sooner or later the word on the street will get around and they will have a hard time trying to recover... Bad news travels fast..

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I wouldn't be adjusting qs time as they have decided appropriate time to unload the gearbox without breaking the gearbox.
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The OEM Ducati electronics/electrical system is a gigantic pile of crap. The 2006 Power Commander QS on my 06 1000RR and the whole gearbox for that matter is waaaaaay better that the the stock setup on the 1299. Its a goulash of head scratching nightmare. I got mine to work well but it took a gearbox massage, new gear box cover with a real bearing in it that replace that sloppy fit OEM set up and the TL unit. Unfortunately, it still has to go through the Mits ECU. I think they use the same ECU in their televisions and toasters. And the wiring. I have seen better quality wire in Chinese children's toys. Bike 2, Full MM system. Iv'e had enough of fixing poorly designed and poorly built factory crap.
Thanks from GunMoto
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Originally Posted by Ijustwantone View Post
Hello all.

Had the opportunity on a nice long open piece of road to open up my 1299S and go through all of the gears full throttle and use the quick shifter. Now I'm not new to quick shifters as I had a Bazzaz with QS on my previous bike and using the QS on the Bazzaz was faultless. What I found opening up the 1299 and using the QS was a rather unusual issue of the QS hesitating in the top of the rev range. Lower down in the rev range the shifts were silky smooth and absolutely faultless but intermittently I found the shifts when up in the 9 10 and 11K range it felt like the ignition was being cut way too long. A couple of times I nearly slid half way up the tank as the bike took what felt like half a second to engage the next gear.

Now before someone jumps on and says this is a warranty issue just take it back to my dealer, The bike is booked in for my dealer to inspect this issue but I wanted to put it out to the community and see if this is a issue other rides have also come across

The quick shifting full throttle in the upper rev range is no where near as silky smooth as it is down in the lower rev range and I would have thought that the quick shifts in the top end of the rev range open throttle would have been even more silky than in the lower rev range.

Has any other members come across this issue ? And it is not my shifting or lack of it as I have the gear lever at its lowest point so to get a good strong up shift when lifting my left boot
I just took out my 15R for the first time on the track at the Ridge and noticed the QC behavior to be quite similar. It seemed to have gotten better towards the end of the day. I'll have to watch it to see what's behind the variability. I'm trying to figure if there's a computer learning thing going on.
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Originally Posted by SPJ View Post
Yes, open Tuneboy Trim, Tools, Config Options. There is a slider bar to adjust the QS kill time. Around 2/3 towards faster works for me.
Hi, I am experiencing similar issues (smooth QS at lower revs below 6k but jerky QS above 8K) and have tune-boy. Can you do screen shot of your settings or tell me what your QS kill time and QS pressure is set at from the config screen?


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Originally Posted by bradp51 View Post
I have a 1199 and have only missed a couple but it was me not the bike

To speed it up fit Tuneboy

Mine is set with half the time delay to oem
I've got a similar setup, can you send me a screenshot of the config page so I can copy your QS delay setting?


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Old Oct 18th 2017, 05:27 AM   #30
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Same issues as the OP, nice shifts at revs below 8k 5-6th fires me through the screen on the gear change at higher revs,
ill be asking for a fix /replacement during the annual service.

slightly disconcerting on track though when trying to keep the bike smooth, and the cut off time is so long.
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