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Adjusting Chain

Hi all,

I've just noticed that the chain has stretched a little and needs to be adjusted. However i'm not actually sure how to do this.

Does anyone have any steps how to do this?

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Take it to the dealer; that's what Ducati recommends. It's actually very simple if you have the C spanner to move the cogged adjuster between the chain and the wheel. It is crucial though that the pinch bolts on the swing arm are properly re-torqued after.
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Yes, very easy. Get the HDESA spanner, a mm ruler and a torque wrench. I like Proto digital. Easier with the rear wheel suspended and recommended but not absolutely necessary. Loosen the two hub carrier pinch bolts. I prefer to do this in an incremented fashion "little on the right, little on the left" seat the spanner in the notch on the hub carrier and rotate slightly. Does not take much.Take the measurement. Reverse the tightening sequence in incremental steps. Once the second bolt is torqued to spec, go back and check the first bolt as it will be less due to the design of the pinch assembly.Get them even. Done.
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Torque for pinch bolts?
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Note- these are from my 1199 workshop manual. Can't imagine it differs from the 1299 but I could be wrong.

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Hold up there, cowboy. What may look like a loose chain on the Panigale may be within spec. The 1199/1299 have a lot more slack than your typical bike. I usually judge the sag based on how close it is to the exhaust can. So long as it's not touching, it's usually pretty close to spec. I've seen way, way too many chains adjusted too tightly, which can cause all sorts of problems (one of which is seriously dangerous). I've even had one dealer (Bologna, right outside the factory) adjust it way way way too tight, so don't ever think that the dealer is the best option.

But if it's not in spec, then have at it. Adjusting the chain on a Ducati is easier than any other bike I've owned. If you don't have the spanner for the hub, you can always use a screwdriver and a hammer. Or a brick, if that's all you can find.

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If you're not used to adjusting the chain & judging the tension the this tool might help Tru-Tension | Precision Every Time | Motorcycle

Also, if you leave the build up of grime on the 2 bolts you can use it as a rough guide when tightening up again. Assuming they were torqued correctly in the first place!
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Originally Posted by DLIT View Post
Note- these are from my 1199 workshop manual. Can't imagine it differs from the 1299 but I could be wrong.

1299 differs in chain tension (probably due to 4 mm lower pivot point or different dimensions of the rear "fork") it says 40-42 mm
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Most common error stupid dealers do is overtightening the pivot bolts. 25-35Nm is okay (25Nm is stated in most Ducati documents, but since there are other Ducati bikes where they stated 35Nm and tech staff works with numbers learned by heart, you'll find them often torqued to 35Nm).
If they are really much overtorqued, the hub gets too much deformed, which will lead to lower lifetime of the internal bearings. Not so common for Ducatis, but very well known on MVs.
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Originally Posted by endodoc View Post
Yes, very easy. Get the HDESA spanner, a mm ruler and a torque wrench. I like Proto digital. Easier with the rear wheel suspended and recommended ...
To take the measurement, the manual reads "Set the vehicle on the side stand"
The pictures in the manual are not consistent with the procedure description.

With the rear wheel suspended the measurement will be different.
Thanks from Steve NZ

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