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Old Dec 25th 2016, 12:45 PM   #11
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my pani r did this a few times....my solution was to keep the throttle up like i did with my 916, but didn't always work....
Thanks from GMo73
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Old Dec 25th 2016, 02:09 PM   #12
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My 1299 did it twice early on, low speed in traffic, 1st gear & closed throttle. When the rear locks it's easy to drop it, sorry to hear you have damage.

I've not had the problem recur since Tuneboy was fitted and the bike mapped, IMO the bike wasn't fuelled correctly and the ECU wasn't quick enough to respond. Tend to keep the RPM higher now and slip the clutch when low speed. The spacer kit helps.
Thanks from jackgraves
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Old Dec 26th 2016, 05:32 AM   #13
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This sucks to hear...

My 1299s has about 530 miles and started to stall about 100 miles ago. I believe it is a fueling problem (or vac).

Basically it only stalls AFTER it has been run and then shut off, but the motor is still warm. Upon restart I have about a 1 minute window that I expect it to stall and it is usually when the motor is around 2k RPM. Either when I am bringing the throttle up and releasing the clutch or when I am pulling the clutch in coming to a stop and the revs fall.

During the first minute, I usually use a little more throttle on take off but if I come off the clutch too fast and the RPMs fall, I can feel the dead spot where there is zero throttle response and the engine struggles for a split second.

The first time this happened I was pulling out of my neighborhood onto a busy road and it just stalled. It is very abrupt. I almost dropped the bike as I was turning hard right and the bike turn sharply and drug to a stop. Now that I know it is a problem, I adjust my riding for the first minute or so...

However, on a 26k bike, this should not be an issue. Ducati needs to step the fuck up.
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Old Dec 26th 2016, 06:56 PM   #14
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early on (in 2012), i got a very slow speed shutoff and almost dropped it. i was ready the next couple of times....and every since then, the problem has gone away.
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Old Dec 26th 2016, 07:07 PM   #15
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Mine stalls as well...from a dead stop accelerating, but more so when coming to an abrupt stop. Dealer raised the idle, blah, blah. They don't care to fix it...they added fuel additive haha and I laughed. They are on notice, and if anything happens to anyone while on that bike they will be hearing from me...and this thread will be available during discovery for opposing counsel.

It's not just Ducati, all major manufacturers are the same...they will never admit they have a problem. What makes matters worse is just how dangerous the issue is...similar to the Ford Pinto fuel tank issue. Cheaper to pay a few families a 2 million dollar settlement than it is to fix the problem.
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Old Dec 26th 2016, 11:52 PM   #16
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Mine's the same.

Every now and then, coming to an abrupt stop and especially after giving it a handful it will just die. Very disconcerting, embarrassing and most importantly unsafe!
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Old Dec 27th 2016, 04:22 AM   #17
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I Ride: 2015 Ducati Panigale 1299S and 2016 Harley Davidson Breakout
If you log into your Ducati Owners account and if you haven't already filled in the product questionnaire you will notice on the list of problems was extreme over heating and engine shutting off while riding in many of the problems why you wouldn't recommend this bike to any one to buy.

We tried to log into our account but we couldn't show you guys this in our product questionnaire because we have already filled out all the questions in both the production questionnaire and service questionnaire.

Interestingly the questionnaire proves Ducati knows about the "ENGINE SHUTTING OFF WHILE RIDING" problems.

I tried to record the questionnaires (to prove to you Ducati is aware of this problem but is doing fuck all to rectify it) but couldn't click on any links because we have already filled out our questionnaires

Here is the login page for Ducati owners, i think it's only for first owners not second hand buyers:

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Old Dec 27th 2016, 05:50 AM   #18
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And yet another very unprofessional non-helpfull post....

I was in the very lucky position today to have a chat with a moto2 race bike engineer. When asking him about the Panigale engine, he said that he is amazed how Ducati could design such an engine (discussion was related to bore/stroke ratio) that would properly idle

According to all the post I have read here it seems that this stalling problem is related to two different problems:
- clutch switch and QS rod switch false detection
- engine is running too slow and too lean when being in idle or going to it

Solving it would mean:
- change clutch and QS switch (maybe some guys might chime in. QS rod switch replacements are available from TransLogic (UK) and Cordona (SE)), I have not found a replacement for the clutch switch assembly. But honestly this is such a simple thing I don't think that Brembo microswitches just started to go mad with the 1299.

- Remapping the ECU. Maybe Ducati doesn't want that to do because of environmental implications.

Another reason for this stalling problem might be a real software bug in the ECU.

My 1199S Tricolore stalled about 4 times in 4 years, the SL stalls occasionally when taking off without enough RPMs because of the low rotating mass of the engine. The Anniversario stalled 5 times within the first 150km.
Hmmm, 1199 vs 1299 problem?
Thanks from youngR and GMo73
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Old Dec 27th 2016, 06:28 AM   #19
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I Ride: 2015 Ducati Panigale 1299S and 2016 Harley Davidson Breakout
Like i said guys if you log into your Ducati Owners account and fill in the "PRODUCT QUESTIONNAIRE" you will notice Ducati listed "BIKE STALLING WHILE RIDING" as one of the answers to a multiple choice question "I WONT RECOMMEND THIS BIKE BECAUSE OF:".

Ducati knows they have a crap product but wont make the recall because it would cost them over 100 millions to have every single Panigale fixed around the world.

The most dangerous scenario is while your bike is leaning around a corner and the engine cuts off on you, you will drop your freaking bike and worse still get run over by an ass hole in his car texting on facebook !!!

My wife's bike engine cuts off the very frist time i went to pick it up from a dealership as i was about to take off i thought i screwed up or something not realizing she had "ENGINE CUT OFF" problem at the time.

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Old Dec 27th 2016, 10:09 AM   #20
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I Ride: 1299 Panigale S -
This is a real problem and Ducati will have a major class action suite if someone ends up dying because of it..

The problem is whenever you bring it in the bike invariably will not usually stall when the dealer is riding it (so they can claim there is no problem..)

Mine will stall just sitting there idling sometimes when in neutral...At least on my bike it is not any type of switch for the shifter or clutch etc..

It is a shame but the Panigale is getting a really bad reputation on the various sites... in this day and age most people will get online and check out a bike before they lay down over $25k+ for a bike.

Sooner or later Ducati will HAVE to address this issue either as a result of wanting to get a better reputation or to address various lawsuits... If I am ever involved in an accident due to this issue I will most assuredly sue Ducati...

Thanks from Alpha Male and GMo73
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