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Old Dec 27th 2016, 01:29 PM   #21
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so my friends were giving me shit about it saying i was stalling the bike myself coming to stops and it shutting off in 1st gear and watching me almost fall off the bike several times. So i started revving the motor to 6-7k so it wouldn't shut off.. But it still shut off as the clutch was fully released and i couldn't save it this time. i can launch my kawasaki this high with no issues and the ducati almost demands you rev it this high to get it going anyways, only my kawasaki doesn't shut off or stall. Luckily i didn't get hit by a car. The guy behind me was paying attention. I dropped it pretty much at 0 mph. I just got a call from the dealership and they said it's 3k in damage for the 0 mph fall. They told me i have to call ducati of america but of course i got an answering machine. Anyone have a good number to call them and bitch them out? I want to get this resolved but i have a feeling this is going to come out of my wallet to fix. Dealership said there's no codes to be pulled and there should be if the bike just shut off.. I call bullshit because i was a certified technician at toyota for many years and if a car shut off for no apparent reason there were no "codes" for me to see. I had to wing it and try to replicate the issue. But with threads like this i can really make a point that it's not just a problem with my bike but with almost everyones bike.
Thanks from Bengarzy
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Old Dec 27th 2016, 02:08 PM   #22
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Mine has stalled on me once coming to a stop. It was just after a refuel. I was careful not to overfill at instructed by the dealership. I have less than 200 miles on it, so there hasn't been much opportunity for me to experience an issue yet.

In my case the display just went blank. It was like someone cut the ignition. It fired right back up and I was on my way. A bit unsettling nonetheless.
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Old Dec 27th 2016, 03:36 PM   #23
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I Ride: 2012 1199S
to be fair about my experience with shutting off, it happened to me only a handful of times and that was in late 2012. i would say from 2013-2016, it has happened zero times. the few times it happened, i was traveling at very slow speeds, maybe less than 10 mph. it was the surprise and the having to restart the engine (in traffic) that bothered me the most. once i realized what was happening, it became unlikely i stumble in the event of a shut-off. i told myself when creeping slowing, keep your wits about it because this sucker might shut off on me again; cruise in N if you can.. i remember this because my workplace is in a covered garage and you have to go slow as you snake around to the exit following other cars stopping and going; no way did i want to fall on my panigale in front of my departing co-workers, that would be a disaster.

so never once did the bike just stop on me as i was speeding. i can honestly say either my bike grew out of it or the maintenance took care of it (i'm coming up to 15k miles). today i couldn't get this bike to shut off if i tried; i have zero fear of this happening.
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Old Dec 28th 2016, 06:21 AM   #24
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I Ride: 1299 Panigale S -
My 1299 stalled the second day I owned it while I was in the parking lot of the dealer...
It has stalled from time to time since then for the last 2 years..a couple of time I was in the middle of a intersection.. I have learned to just pull in the clutch If It stalls when I an moving and hit the starter button to restart it.. Of course mine will sometimes stall just sitting there in neutral while idling also....
.. Mine has never run smooth despite the rapid bike and multiple times in the shop..It runs like a scalded ape once you get on it but just riding around town is an exercise in aggravation and is not pleasant at all... It requires a LOT of attention to the throttle just to keep it at a steady speed. In 4th gear at 70 mph it wont hold a steady speed and bucks and kicks.. I have written about this multiple times so I guess I am beating a dead horse at this point.

It jerks and stutters at any speed when the motor is below 6300 rpm or so. Not fun to ride. There is NEVER any codes shown when hooked up to their so called analyzer So there is nothing that points to the problem that they can fix Very aggravating.
The dealer (Ducati Austin) has really tried and tried to fix the situations.. They changed out the ECU, the completer throttle bodies and even the throttle assembly to no avail.. They are really trying to help me and they are a great bunch of guys but I suspect it is something beyond their control.. They have a good reputation for service to their customers.. However it is really aggravating to have over $30K invested in a bike that runs this crappy.
Ducati knows about this and just doesn't want to address it. You are right.. They NEVER answer their phone or call you back. They do not intend to rectify the situation... I may get an attorney involved

I have a lot of money tied up in this bike and could not get even half of what I paid on a trade in from the dealer on another Ducati.(and that was a year ago)

Thanks from Glenn
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Old Dec 28th 2016, 11:21 PM   #25
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I am sorry to hear of all of the engine shut off issues that you are collectively suffering. My 1299s stalled a few times when pulling away when it was new. Now it has done 7500 miles the engine is looser and is generally ok. It only stalls now if I try to pull away with no throttle, which is user error! I had a 748R with a lightweight flywheel and that bike was just the same. I have noted that it's harder to dial in some revs when the engine mode is not set to full power. Both the 1299 and the 1098 I had stalled occasionally when coming to a stop when they were new but that problem went away as well as the engines loosened up.

So it's not doom and gloom for everybody...
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Old Dec 29th 2016, 05:53 AM   #26
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Mine does the same. It just cuts out at random times. It's happened about 1/2 dozen times over the last year or so. I'm told there's an ignition circuit fault in the switch block and it's a known fault. I've also heard about it happening to someone at speed on a bend, causing him to lose control of the bike and veer into oncoming traffic..
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Old Dec 29th 2016, 06:10 AM   #27
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I Ride: Panigale, CRF450, CRF50, GROM, bionicon supershuttle

1. make sure you record your ridning and the stalling
2. go report to the dealer
3. repeat until it's been there at least 3x for this issue
4. initiate lemon law process

good luck.
Thanks from Alpha Male
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Old Dec 29th 2016, 08:50 AM   #28
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Knocking on wood as i type this but mines only happened once and i was literally rolling onto my driveway after a ride when it happened so no lock up.

This is a very scary thing though and depending on where it happened it can be life threatening.
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Old Dec 29th 2016, 10:04 AM   #29
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I Ride: 2014 Panigale 1199R
Do you still have the fuel evaporation canister on it? I was warned that the bike will stall if the evap canister gets fuel in it from topping off the tank to the lip. My bike hasn't had the canister on it since new due to this.
I've stalled mine a handful of times over the years but I believe it was due to not getting the revs up to 3-5K with a controlled clutch/throttle release. These engines are pretty racy and like to be revved as you probably already know. I imagine a bad adjustment or switch could really exacerbate the issue. Hopefully you can get a good tech to do a bunch of starts on it and see if it behaves worse than the typical bike. It'll probably take a bit of troubleshooting to nail it down such as swapping known good parts to figure it out. It will take a bit of time but they should help you chase this down. Good luck man!
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Old Dec 29th 2016, 10:14 AM   #30
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I Ride: 2013 Panigale White, 2017 MV Agusta Dragster RC #108
These stalling and unexpected shutoffs are more specific to the 1299, not 1199. 1199 had similar stalling issues but far less common and majority of the time was quickly and easily resolved. The 1299, not so much.
Thanks from Pilot and Alpha Male
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