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Old Dec 29th 2016, 06:18 PM   #41
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Originally Posted by Fragile View Post
you can vouch for its condition, even guarantee it
You cant guaranty a used bike if you're a private seller lol it would be impossible you will have nightmare from buyers haunting you
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Old Dec 30th 2016, 12:23 AM   #42
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Hmm, that may be true. I guess it depends on what you may be willing to support post sale. If the bike has extended warranty then that should cover much of it and even help make the sale. As far as owners causing their own problems due to misuse or abuse, that can cause a problem by dishonest buyers. I prefer not to deal with those types if I can spot it.
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Old Dec 30th 2016, 09:04 PM   #43
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Originally Posted by Rogue View Post
You've been given the opportunity to get rid of yours here (post #46): http://ducati1299.com/ducati-1299/27...od-deal-2.html

Let's go.
Yeah well upon second thought If I went with the R1 It would not be the base model.. I could still sell my bike to an individual if he doesn't mind the running rough in town and stalling from time to time.

I have a lot invested in it.. So far..... Ducati Akrppovic titanium pipe and 1299 Race "up Map" (That was purchase for about $3600 last year in an attempt to get it to run smoother)
Rapid Bike Racing module.(This helped smooth it out for a while then something changed again to cause it to surge at slower speeds again) (probably in the the ECU) and now it is back to the same old crappy herky jerky ride at slower speeds in town..

I have also added red SAMCO high temp silicone racing water hoses, (and had the cams degreed by the dealer at the same time..)
It has T Rex sliders (and also Woodcraft front fork sliders)

New Veserah brake pads, also the Ducati "comfort seat"

Lots of carbon fiber,(Carbon fiber side panels under the seat frame) Upper carbon fiber panels on dash etc.

A new "Supersprox" rear sprocket with gold anodized carrier and a new DID chain (black with gold links to match).. (up 2 teeth on rear)
Domino grips.
New Pirelli SC dot race tires. ( I did one track day on them up at Cresson a few months back) I still have the stock SP Pirellis with lots of rubber left also..

I have also had the fork and shock springs changed out for my weight (225lbs) so it handles much better if you weigh over 190 lbs.. Especially when braking hard or pushing it hard when leaned over in corners under trail braking)
Also added the clear stomp grip pads on the tank..

It also has the factory Ducati alarm installed..

It is a very pretty bike and sounds great with the Akropovic exhaust..

I am either going to purchase the extended warranty and keep it or maybe someone might be interested.. The bike runs stronger than any other 1299S I have ridden but I just cannot put up with its in town manners. If someone doesn't mind a surging and stalling issue then it will be a great bike..!

I just am not willing to put up with it anymore It is great on the track and an absolutely beautiful bike that attracts a lot of attention wherever I go but around town it should run better.. I am just too picky

I have over $34K invested It has just over 8K miles on it.. **I changed the oil about every 1500 miles..

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Old Jan 4th 2017, 05:20 AM   #44
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my 1299S with tuneboy still does the occasional stall. like others have said, you just have to rev the bike a little higher and be ready to clutch in if it stalls. mine has done it so many times that im kinda used to it now.

after owning a monster 1200s that had the same issue and hearing many Ducati owners complain about the same thing i've come to the conclusion that ALL ducatis do it and no matter what mods or stuff you've done on your bike they will all do it. its the Ducati character we all pay for

i doubt Ducati will ever do anything about it until some serious litigation happens.
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Old Jan 4th 2017, 07:49 AM   #45
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Yeah I always hear about the "Ducati Character" LOL

Bottom line is it is absolute BULLSHIT that we pay that much for supposedly top premium brand motorcycle and have to worry about it stalling on us from time to time.

I assure you if Mercedes Benz had a "stalling problem" as part of the so called "Character" of owning one or their products" (and their customers found themselves in the middle of in intersection in a stalled car) there would be hell to pay and a MAJOR class action Suite...

If a Mercedes dealer simply told them that they cannot find what is wrong and that they just have to put up with it because it was part of the :Character" of owning a Mercedes THAT would go over like a turd in a punch bowl at a Sunday social.. LOL

Their reputation is one of the most important aspects to the Mercedes brand
as well as it should be for ANY high end product...
Ducati seem to just put their head in the sand and not even want to acknowledge there is a problem? Meanwhile more and more people are experiencing their bikes stalling on them.. From what I have read the dealers always seem to be surprised when someone comes in with the problem.
Evidently they cannot fix something unless there is a "code" thrown on their computer when they hook it up.. For all I know Ducati might be unable to fix the problem and just programs their ECU's from the factory not to throw a code so there is never any proof

Someday there WILL be someone that will sue the pants off of Ducati... If I wreck mine because of it stalling and sustain injuries I assure you I WILL sue them...

I cannot and will not stop complaining to the Dealer and Ducati factory I have it all on record that there is a problem and with all of you out there having the same problem I think I would have a good chance to win...

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Old Jan 4th 2017, 08:05 AM   #46
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I would find the "Character" thing funny if there were no risk of injury involved. But there actually is...
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Old Jan 5th 2017, 05:17 PM   #47
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I've never gone through the process, but maybe this could be one avenue to elevate the issue.

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I haven't had the stall issue on take off unless it was my fault..but! ...

I have had it numerous times where the dash and bike shuts off for a fkn nano second and then comes back on. It's most of the time while riding at a steady pace. Speed doesn't matter..and it's not during shifting or using the clutch. Just happens out of no where

Any ideas?
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Old Jan 7th 2017, 06:35 PM   #49
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Originally Posted by speedy14 View Post
Rapid Bike Racing module.(This helped smooth it out for a while then something changed again to cause it to surge at slower speeds again) (probably in the the ECU) and now it is back to the same old crappy herky jerky ride at slower speeds in town..

Curious, but have they replaced your MAP sensors? I had a similar situation on my 1199 Tricolore, and the RapidBike made a great difference, but the bike slowly degraded over time and became shit. Every month it was worse and worse, they replaced the ECU and other things, but no improvement. Finally it wouldn't run right and it was the MAP sensors that were slowly becoming fouled over time. Once those were replaced, the bike was back to running correctly.
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Old Jan 15th 2017, 03:12 AM   #50
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Stalling at low speeds

Hi all,

I bought my 1299 last month and it stalled on the 1st day, I took it home from the dealer. I did not worry much since it was my 1st ride in a long time and hoped its a matter of getting used to the clutch.

After a month and 300+ kms, it continues to stall whenever I ride in traffic at speeds below 15 kmph. Initially I tried to get around this issue by holding clutch and pumping the RPM over 3K whenever the bike was below 20kmph. But I noticed when I release the throttle between the pumps, the engine speed reduces to <1K. When this happens, it gives a strong feeling that the engine is about to stall, so I pump the rpm up again to avoid stalling. This is still risky, considering if I do not pump the rpm back up again at the right time there is a chance for it to stall.

Now I follow a different method, by holding clutch and keeping the rpm between 2K ~ 3K, when ever I am in 1st gear and is going at speeds below 20kmph. Is there anything wrong in doing this?

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