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Old Dec 24th 2016, 01:38 PM   #1
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Bike Stalled And dropped

Just got my 600 mile service done on my 2016 1299 panigale a few days ago.. took it out for a ride today to the mall and to run some errands. I was pulling out of a parking lot when the bike stalled in 1st gear. i fully released the clutch at about 5-10 mph when the bike shut off completely. Because it was in gear it was a sudden stop that i couldn't do anything about and i dropped it.. This is probably the 6th time it happened to me only i was able to save it every time. I'm pretty fucking pissed about this because i took the bike to ducati to fix for this exact issue. Broke the mirror, scratched bar end and clutch cover. Brake lever pushed into fairing and went downwards scratching the fairing.
The shop was closed but the sales guys opened the shop up for me so i could leave it there. Ducati better fucking fix this for free and the issue because i'm not about to spend a penny on any of this. Had i dropped it on my own accord no big deal but this is a serious safety issue.. I did it on a busy street and lucky i didn't get hit by a car.
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Sorry to hear this. This problem is actually a serious one and unfortunately also an unresolved one.
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I had a problem with my 1299s which stopped in 1st gear on the top of the norwegian mountains. Had to ride 60-90km/h for an hour with taking brakes, because of overheating the engine.
The problem was a pin on the outer gear shifter, that was broken off. So they did not need to open the gear box, just one cover on the engine.
I dont know about your problem but I could not change to another gear than 1st.
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Old Dec 24th 2016, 02:51 PM   #4
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I don't know know why this isn't a mandatory recall. If a car OEM had engine stall issues, I think it would be a recall situation. I would think NHTSA would ensure it.
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you pull the clutch @ 15mph but the bike lock up?you mean the rear tire lock up? , did the clutch disengage the gear? you sure you don't have a clutch problem?are this is your first ducati? maybe not enough fuel to take off?twin like fuel and they like to be rev high, if you pull the clutch they bike will coast so is the bike is coasting how you drop it ? is not that hard to ride at 15 mph with the engine off

now let me tell you what the ducati service rep is going to do :
dealer is going to call him and tell him that you blame ducati for drooping the bike he will tell you to fuck you self and laugh at you ( of causer not in your face) he will come to the store to check the bike, he is going to check if the rear tire show sign of lock up, he will ask to check the clutch to see if is working, they will start the bike if your dealer have a dyno like my dealer they will putting in there and ride it like is mean to be ride be prepare to buy a new tire on your dime, if the the bike stall ( i bet you it wont) they will them tell you that they will fix the fueling issued I bet you they will blame you as operator error, now he will ask if you have another ducati before since if you being riding ducati for some time you will know that they all have stalling issue from the 916 to the panigale.
sorry dude but is going be very hard for you to proof that ducati is at fault, just get your insurance claim in.

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Old Dec 24th 2016, 09:03 PM   #6
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..I've had this issue with an older 1995 955sp - although it is an issue that Ducati has had for most of the 916/955/996/999....& now up to the 1199 & 1299 - most people that had the issue, traced it to the inherent mismatch of piston size & fueling

Suggest to your shop that they check the Throttle Position Sensor & or whatever they feel is the cause of such a problem

I experienced a stall while in the middle of a U turn, so down it went (955sp) - at the time it was a grey market bike and imported thru Ferraci in PA - they were nice enough to offer the parts I damaged (upper & lower side panels) at cost...but not free

Since your bike has an official warranty, & you were already in the shop for a fix on the issue, you may get a good will olive branch extended to you - Good Luck - I'd like to think Ducati will not disappoint you !
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This stalling issue has been discussed a number times and I have included the link to one of them. My bike does it also, generally when taking off and slowing down in 3rd or 2nd gear and when the clutch is pulled in. I have installed Tuneboy on mine to modify low speed fuelling, I am hoping it will fix my stalling issue. One of the guys on this forum experiencing this problem has had his two bikes' IMU and quickshifter changed, and he reckons it has fixed the problem. Interested to hear what your dealer is doing to fix the problem...


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just make sure there is no modification on the bike they will try to blame even for you finger prints if they can. good luck and until you don't get a result stop posting information here those asshole check this forum all the time.
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Old Dec 25th 2016, 10:12 AM   #9
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Strange. Only time this occurred is when my clutch oil needed to be changed and probably had some air. This was during the track day and when I came back in from a session, it stalled because I was going to slow and was in 2nd gear (my fault).

So on a normal circumstances, this problem never happened to me.
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Old Dec 25th 2016, 12:29 PM   #10
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Get used to it. The dealers will do nothing and neither will Ducati USA. They won't even officially admit it is even a problem. Mine will stall just sitting there running .
The motors just completely shuts off. If you happen to be taking off from first gear and leaning over to turn you could lose balance and fall pretty easily. I always am very cautious when taking off. Especially when it isn't warmed up first. I think the motor just does not draw enough engine vacuum at idle speeds sometimes. I doubt it is a clutch switch issue with mine since it will sometimes stall just sitting there in neutral idyling.

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