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Old Jul 2nd 2017, 10:05 PM   #1
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Just bought my first Ducati!

Hi all,
I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm from San Diego - Just bought a 2015 panigale 1299 from GP Motorcycles.

Before this I had a 2005 Mv Agusta F4-1000. By the time I was done with it, it was mostly Titanium and Carbon Fiber. It was stolen a couple of years ago and I haven't ridden since.

I went to GP to buy an RSV4, but "upgraded" [ ] to the gently used base model Panigale.

I'm a pretty good rider. I rode in the top third of the pack in the fast group on trackdays on my MV. I wanted to share some thoughts about the Panigale compared to my F4:

First of all, the power is insane! Oh my god, I couldn't believe this thing. My dealer put me in Sport mode when I left and I thought I was a badass so I immediately dropped it into Race mode and disabled wheelie control. I Could. Not. Believe. how much power this thing has. I was actively pushing the front end down in 3rd and fourth gear. Unbelievable. I wasn't impressed at first just bopping around, but when I opened it up and it hit ~8k RPM the thing just BOLTED. This thing has such an amazing motor. It's also my first v-twin, so it's fun learning the new character of the bike. Also, I put it back in Sport mode

The quick shifters are DOPE! Banging through the upshifts at full throttle is SO cool. I'm not totally used to it yet, but shouldn't be hard to acclimate. The downshifts are a different story. I feel like I'm way more in control manually downshifting through the gears. I'm so used to blipping on each downshift and it feels hurtful to the bike to just smash the gear level down without clutching and cracking the throttle quickly. I'm curious - Is the right way to do this to just leave the throttle completely closed and just front-brake and tap down each gear?

I haven't had time yet to check out the electronics in any detail yet. Tomorrow I'm going to pull out the gear and hit up the local mountain roads to try to dial in my preferences on the different setting. I think wheelie control will be easy to figure out. I'm curious how to sort out things like ABS. Seriously, if I set ABS to the most conservative setting then grab a fistful of front brake, the bike really won't loop on me? That seems so WEIRD. Should I just ride hard a couple of "laps" and see whether it feels like it's interfering and adjust?

Same with traction control. I'm a little hesitant to lean it over and "let the electronics save me". I'm worried that if I start with a lot of intervention that it's going to make me run wide in a corner or something. I guess there's just a lot of faith you have to put in the computer, but I've never had that before.

Also, first gear seems REALLY tall. All good when you're out of the city, but it's not very smooth around the downtown area. Lots of clutch feathering to keep it smooth in first gear.

The sound of the bike is amazing. The previous owner had an Akra slipon installed. Thing sounds MEAN.

Also, the bike is crazy hot between my legs. I know that's just part of the deal, but damn - I heard the 1199 was even worse!

I'm going to read through the forums and catch up a bit, but are there any "obvious" mods I should look at?

I'm stoked to be part of the family now. Looking forward to chatting more with ya'll!
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Old Jul 2nd 2017, 10:12 PM   #2
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Welcome to THE panigale forum!
Enjoy your bella
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Welcome to the forum. Good to see another Ti and Carbon fan.
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Welcome to Ducati world
I ride with full suit and never felt my 1199 hot maybe if you take jeans or shorts!?! Have fun

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Old Jul 3rd 2017, 12:11 AM   #5
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Welcome and enjoy!

Take your time and really get to know your new ride.

I pretty much had the same reaction as you did on my first ride on the 1299S. First time I put her in Sport and went past 8K Wow! Got her home and it took couple hours to get the off my face!
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Old Jul 3rd 2017, 05:53 AM   #6
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So after a year of riding my 2015 1299 here's what I've learned and experienced. Obviously when blip shifting up there is no need to chop the throttle. And when blip shifting down everybody and their brother says you have to chop the throttle. I'm call bullshit because I down shift with the throttle still engaged and the bike doesn't lunge or jerk. So who ever started that rumor is a dumbass. The bike knows to cut the spark for shifting so down is no different than up. Go watch YouTube videos of it and listen to right before the rider enters the corner. He doesn't chop the throttle. He holds it and down shifts.

If you want to deck your bike in carbon check out shift tech carbon. You can even get a monocoque subframe. And all the carbon fairings you can dream of.

Check the Moto Dutchman on YouTube as well.

Until next time ride it like you stole it. She's made for it.

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Old Jul 3rd 2017, 07:48 AM   #7
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Welcome and congratulations.
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Old Jul 3rd 2017, 09:45 AM   #8
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Welcome and enjoy
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Enjoy the money pit!
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welcome on, you've got a lot of reading to do, but well worth it!
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