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Originally Posted by endodoc View Post
Now your in boat territory and we don't need to go anywhere near that mess.
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I'm getting the 1299 SL as a track toy. I'm buying property at the Thermal Club Near Palm Springs and the bike will be stored there and ridden on the track every chance I get. I'll never buy a car or bike to just display it in a temperature controlled room. What's the point?!
Thanks from Sherpa23
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Originally Posted by endodoc View Post
Here in Newport we have a slew of these weekend supercar jockey's. They all drive Lambos, 458s etc. The program is simple. Its 5K plus a month and you get 3000mi a year on the car. Thats right. 3000mi a year. Now, ask yourself about the psychology here. Besides the obvious, this is no different than asking your mom and dad if you can borrow the car. You don't own it and you can only very occasionally drive it with a lot of restrictions. So every Saturday and Sunday these douche bandits spend an hour or so racing up and down Newport Coast Dr then they park the thing until the next weekend.
That's a very interesting point. Yeah, I don't get it either, although I don't know if we have a lot of that in Colorado. At least not like Newport Beach. I lived for two years in Corona Del Mar during my athletic career but that's a different story.

The first owner of my SL financed it. Based on what I paid for it with the 62 miles, every one of those miles he put on it was VERY expensive. Again, I don't get it, especially if you're not paying cash.

I'm on a different part of the spectrum. I didn't grow up with a lot so when I buy something, I hold onto it very tightly and I'm really OCD about my stuff. It's a personality flaw, for sure, and there is a lot of the mental side to it. For example, I won't finance any of my cars or motorcycles because I need the titles to be in my safe or else it's not mine. I get full insurance on everything and not the dumb "collectible car/motorcycle" insurance that limits your miles, regardless of how much they get used or not used because I don't want to ever feel restricted on when or where I can use this stuff.

I've basically been told that I'm not a collector but a hoarder. I buy something that speaks to me, I use it properly, I care obsessively for it, and I protect it to bizarre levels. In most cases, I never sell it. I'm sure that this isn't different than most people here but I just get attached to things. I cling to stuff.

Also, I never wanted things that most people wanted in life. I have a nice house but it's nothing special. I don't take expensive holidays (I rarely take holidays at all). All I ever wanted was some nice sports cars and motorcycles and a cool watch and the rest I can do with the bare minimum for an actual living, breathing, financially responsible adult. And as I said, if I'm spending my hard earned money on that stuff, you can bet that I'm going to use them properly. That means actually putting miles on them, maintaining them, cleaning them, etc. Life's too short.
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Sherpa23. Good man. You're doing it right. I completely agree and share the same philosophies. Duc749r, the 1299SL is going to be a great track bike. Thats a viable and practical use and I have a dedicated track (in my case crash) bike. The only thing I do not get is your wise decision to get what will be a great track bike but your complete insanity of mentioning Palm Springs as the home for the thing. That place was 122 last week.Thats just not at all funny
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Theres a couple of 1199SL's in my hometown. 1 is ridden around town with the odd track day. But owner also owns a 1098rTB, a Desmo and a original '70's 900ss and well as a number of other bikes. I know he put an order in for a 1299SL but due to dealership being useless didnt complete his request and missed out.

Another is only a once in a blue moon cafe parkup bike.

the 3rd sits in a guys lounge. its never been ridden other than from the dealership door to transport truck. They say its one of the infamous no number SL's
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All others are south 50kUSD
Thanks from mark419ny and flobrandx
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Nice work Gecko. That's how to do it.
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How about the guys that own your run of the mill bike , and moth ball them ?
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I know this is about riding/driving these things or not but I'm surprised nobody commented on sherpa23's F40.damn thats nice car btw & a true classic
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Originally Posted by Goby1199 View Post
I know this is about riding/driving these things or not but I'm surprised nobody commented on sherpa23's F40.damn thats nice car btw & a true classic
Probably the most awesome sports car of all time. I would like to see some pictures of it......
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