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1299 Superleggera Observations

So I got my bike, number 213 a few weeks ago from Ducati Newport; I was told I got the third SL in the country. I had not really ridden the bike the first couple of weeks as I was waiting on radiator guards, Stomp Grip, et al.

I had 11 miles on my SL before I went to Italy to ride the Superleggera and one of the actual World Superbike Panigale R at Mugello last week so that was my first time really riding the bike. When I returned home I was busy so I finally got my parts on and today I managed to ride about 50 miles through various corners, etc.

SO, the bike is STIFF and has tremendous POWER, however, with wheelie ctrl on setting 4 the front stays pretty close to the ground so I could get solid drive; this is really nice! The quickshifter has shoter kill times between gears and I could really see this on the track at Mugello. These kill times feel very similar to the 1199 Superleggera and much faster than both my 2013 1199 R and 2016 Panigale R. The brakes are tremendous and the front fork is VERY VERY nice!

The left-side rearset makes it difficult to get a good foot position and required me to use my heel instead of the ball of my foot on right-hand corners so I fixed this by removing the OEM carbon heel guard and replaced it with a leftover Ducati Performance heel guard that fit perfectly and didn't push my foot out. I used (2) 16 mm bolts I had sitting around to attach this heel guard. The bolts I removed would have been too long and could potentially scratch the swingarm. I test rode the bike again after making this modification and it appears to be a good solution.

The rear of the bike was a smidge too low per the Ducati Corse tool but the swingarm angle on this SL was better than most bikes I see for setup so I made the small adjustment and they are NEVER right when they come from the factory.....WHY? Well chain tension, eccentric position, shock length all play a role...

I REALLY wish they made a taller seat like the Ducati Performace seat available for other Panigale(s)! Stomp Grip helps tremendously but a slightly taller seat would be great; I may have to modify the stock seat....it has a grippy material that works well but it is not tall or flat enough for my taste. See pic below for how flat the Panigale R race bike seat is.

The rear tire is TOO close to the swingarm/exhaust and when we were at Mugello for the World Superbike Experience event they were melting rear tire warmers because the tire was so close to the World SBK replica exhaust on the SL. This could be solved with an additional link in the chain.
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Thanks for the write up.

interesting that you want the seat higher. I like the seat lower. lol.

I tall are you?
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Originally Posted by youngR View Post
Thanks for the write up.

interesting that you want the seat higher. I like the seat lower. lol.

I tall are you?
5' 11" --> The SL is my 4th Panigale. I have always preferred the taller seat and Ducati Performance rearsets (grippier legs and a bit higher as well), and Stomp Grip as I feel this connects me with the bike better.
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mine was delivered probably close to the same time as yours - a few weeks ago, July 7th

I took delivery as soon as they prepped it, foregoing belly pan adjustments to allow the side stand to fit - it seems ok without the belly pan and the side stand works with a little shaving off where it makes slight contact with the exhaust - as with all Panigale, StompGrip is a must

Being a street only bike, the positioning doesn't seem to be any different than my previous 2015 R - Footpeg positioning seems fine for me, but not doing track duty means some things are not as obvious nor as significant - as with the 2015 R, the first ride really seemed to set the tone......"be on guard, this bike is different than the last one"...and different it is, summed up by saying it's just more of what Ducati gave us with the R (or 1199SL, if you happen to have one to compare it to)

Initially, having just gotten the first oil service done, the rpm's continue to wake me up - the engine revs easily, well past 6, or 7000 rpm with only a slight blip and while I try to keep it in check (I tend to follow the rule book with all new motors) it revs so easily that the orange 6 was fully lit most of the time

For me at least, this is the single greatest feeling motorcycle I've ever ridden - while I'm only standard street bike familiar, I've never owned any exotic track prepped feather weights, this bike defines the "light is right" formula 100% - you feel it everywhere, it's almost unnatural, in that I found myself thinking "is this too light, is it too responsive, does it accelerate too violently" am I out of my league for what I do riding it street wise......after the miles went by, and as I slowly recalibrate where and when to do what, things tend to start to fall in to place....granted its the street, and this Motorcycle, like many of the Ducati range have track DNA, I found that I slowly start feel that sense of "wow" just what the heck is going on here...the front turns in effortlessly, to where I think I might need to crank up the damper a click or 2...the weight loss (front wheel, forks, frame) are truly alive and making themselves known (it's all the little things adding up in significance) -- when I'd accelerate I'd feel it, when I'd brake I'd feel it, when I'd direction change mid corner I'd feel it....the lightness of mass over all is so in your face & obvious I realize just how much above and beyond the bike is over anything else I've ever owned, even the 520 chain makes itself known - of course this is a good thing, and I welcome it, after all, these are the differences Ducati builds in for us to use, work with and as enthusiasts to enjoy, and of course on the race track to exploit

The electronics are surely well beyond anything I might ever experience - I just don't know more than EBC or Wheelie control (thankfully) - Up/Down shifting is great, although I can't say I notice much of a difference, although it does feel crisp....for me it feels like tighter tolerances in the lever, but I'm no expert, and I've yet to fully exercise the tach

For me, it's all part of the continuation of the Ducati love affair the factory builds for us....no complaints from me...."like it, love it....want more of it" (well, I guess I can wait on more of it for now....I still need my time with this one)
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Thanks for the write up guys. Sounds like a very fun bike...
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Very nice write up. Thank you for taking the time to do that. Incidentally, I have #213 of the 1199 Superleggera. Nice to know where #213 of the SL2 is.

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@Sherpa23 :thumbsup!

If anyone is interested I have posted the World Superbike Experience video I took while at Mugello last week -->

Thanks from Phl, bradp51 and Danger Close MFG
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That would have great, thanks for sharing.
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Here, here ... thanks for the write ups. Nice insight into SL ownership. I wish I had one!

I just wonder how much Ducati will take this DNA into the new V4?? I would be nice.
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Originally Posted by roadracerx View Post
@Sherpa23 :thumbsup!

If anyone is interested I have posted the World Superbike Experience video I took while at Mugello last week -->

Great videos. Did you take any footage at the track?
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