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Originally Posted by double0 View Post
This kinda question is probably one of the worst questions to ask on any forum, let alone a Ducati forum with one of those options being a Ducati.

Bikes are mostly purchased based on personal taste, not much on performance since they are all more than capable bikes. I buy bikes strictly based on looks.... nothing else. Performance don't mean shit. Like I said, they are all great and more than capable bikes. Panigale is in a league of its own as far as looks go. Hands down, Panigale would be my choice every single time and twice on Sunday's. Not because I'm brand loyal since all 3 of my bikes are different brands.
100% Agreed! I see this question asked on other forums too and take a guess what the answers are lol Ive been very lucky to have owned many bikes through my years of riding and not once did i buy a bike because it was better than the other. Theyre all so close that unless you're looking to squeeze every second out of your laps they wont make a difference for the street. I own an 1199 100% based on the looks and i honestly go into the garage at least a couple times a night before i go to bed lol
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Originally Posted by double0 View Post
Performance don't mean shit.

I will call BS on that.

If it had 50 less HP I would never ride a duc

I ride the bike because of its performance and nothing else.

I do understand your point, a better rider on a small bike leaves the less driver in the dust.
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I think to doubleo's point, it don't mean shit cause they are all so close performance it really doesn't make a difference to us mere mortals. Especially on the street it makes even less of a factor.
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Choosing a bike, or almost anything in life that isn't a necessity

I always fine these type of thread interesting as there are so many ways to look at an issue like this. Here is mine, FWIW.

Unless you earn your livelihood racing bikes, you don't NEED the highest performing bike. That choice becomes an analytic process.

If you WANT a bike, the choice is an emotional one. I don't know about anyone else, but I don't have to ask others what turns me on. Good looking. (women, even my ex-wife, comment the Panigale is a beautiful machine, I have enough vanity I enjoy that). Innovate design (I'm a lifelong gear head and cutaways of a Desmo system always make me stop and look). Red. Performance (has to be more than I can ever use or it is boring). Sounds b****in. Lots of other little things, maybe some I am not conscious of. Bottom line is choosing something that makes you feel good and satisfies some inner desire.

Having come to learn I won't live forever, and having to make choices about what to do/never do, the question I ask myself---

When I am laying on my death bed will I be thinking "damn, I wish had bought that Ducati"
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Originally Posted by outhouse View Post
I will call BS on that.

If it had 50 less HP I would never ride a duc

I ride the bike because of its performance and nothing else.

I do understand your point, a better rider on a small bike leaves the less driver in the dust.

He's making a relative statement based on the fact that the bikes are all fairly close. Not a 50 hp difference.

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It would have to be within 10 hp for me. I think all these bikes are. But it gets tricky there because how were they rated by the mfr? So I will look to the magazine shootouts when they measure all the hp and performance times on the same day and dyno. Plus lap times - within 2 seconds - this is the most important performance metric. Can't be ugly either but then none of these bikes are. Some might disagree on the BMW's nose but I find it endearing. The new 1299R isn't ugly but it does make my eyeballs twitch around a bit much. I find looking at it enough will get them to settle down and think maybe I could see myself on the bike but the price is another obstacle.

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Thanks for all your input it definitely helps a lot to kinda get an idea on what to expect from the bike, pros and cons etc.
mrailing speciel thanks to you. Enjoyed reading your experience on the different bikes!

I'm leaning towards getting a Ducati and the main reason for that is the look on that bike. It's like everytime I look at it I find something new or another detail that just makes me think "man that machine is beautiful".

I would not be able and not even come close to squeeze out all the performance these bikes have. The reason I'm not 110% sure is because several people have told me that the R1M handles better than the Ducati and you feel a lot more confident on it and also because the R1M probably have the best electronics.. But just like now when I'm listing the pros the R1M has over the Ducati I cant stop thinking in my head "but the Ducati is soo good lookin"

I'm sorry if some of my sentences doesn't make any sense. It's not my main language

So to conclude, I'm definitely leaning towards the Ducati 1299s
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You're not alone man we all got in love with those sexy lines

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I understand you perfectly.... you won't regret buying the Duke. Its a brilliant bike.
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To be fair dude if by your own admission you won't get close to using the max performance of the bikes then the 'slightly' better handling and the electronics are is immaterial. I tracked my 1299s recently and the damn thing just turned gripped, sticked and buggered off. I had DTC and DWC set to 4 and only got interventions at the same two places on the track each time. And I never felt like it was doing anything, so smooth. Despite being hamfisted at times everywhere else, the bike never intervend. I never felt scared or the bike feeling like it was going to launch me to the moon. God knows what it's like if you can use! The bike is so good it's safe! The only downside I suppose is it pushes you to go faster!

I'm sure the Evo update takes the Pani up to the R1's slightly better level which will not be needed!

Enjoy what ever you buy but if I bought an R1 that damn righthand foot peg plumbing nightmare would make me cry myself to sleep!

PS your English is better than my English. I worked with some of your airforce guys when they were on exchange with us. Utterly crazy, with perfect English.
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