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....yada yada yada....FE

Thanks from Phl
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Originally Posted by RANGER86 View Post
If you are never going to take it the track then why pay for all the extra track features that are on a S and a R? Just get a base model. I did and I don't regret it at all. Save yourself the fact the bike won't appreciate in value for 20-30 years. If you think you will turn a profit in 10 years your kidding yourself. I question why people who don't plan to ever go to the track buy any model above base. Are they doing it because they just want to throw money at it and then baby the shit out of it. The S, R, SL, FE, Anniversary are track bikes with headlights. If you never do a track day you will never truly appreciate the amount of power and what this bike is capable of.

Base, FE, SL, S, R, Anniversary.... It doesn't really matter. The bike doesn't make the rider. The rider makes the bike.

That's my soap box. �� Whatever you choose ride safe man. And keep it on 1 wheel. Lol

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I bought the S back in 2012 because of the more advanced suspension, wheels etc. I think most people who buy a base do so because they cannot afford the S or the R. Some buy the base because they are going to change out wheels and suspension and modify for the track.
It is normal to want to buy the best for the money that you can afford.
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I have been riding my 15r for the last 10,000km and think it is fantastic. I ride mainly street, lapping days, no racing. I still get the same thrill and excitement today that I did on the first day I bought it. I think this is one of the greatest bikes I have ever had the chance to ride, and every ride I have just drives that point home.
It was important for me to spend The necessary time setting up the suspension for my riding style / weight as well as street and track tire pressures that worked for me.

The bike has so much grip and power, it really is naturally at home on the track.
I chose to do lapping days, and riding schools over racing. That took the pressure off me with respect to racing. It is hard to behave on the street... thus lapping days

You have 3 excellent options on the table, Best of luck!
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I was faced with this same decision. Dealership had one 17 S left, a 16 R, and I could have ordered the FE. As has been stated several times, if you are just street riding it, I agree there is no argument for anything other than the S, other than simple want Well, I do not like the color scheme of the FE, just doesn't do it for me at all, whereas the R definitely was the one I had an emotional attachment to So I went with the R, and I have no regrets about that. The reality is I can't use the potential of any of the three, street or track, so I got the one I was happiest walking up to. Would the S be the better street bike? Probably, but with as little fair weather riding as I do, doubt I'd be one who could tell much difference.

So the smart money would get the S, but hey, who are we kidding, we are in the Panigale forum, so where your "emotional money" should go is probably just as much a part of the equation, and you already know which one you just like best.
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if u got the money FE. If you dont wanna spend that much then S
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Since you said purely street the S makes the best choice. But if you've ever said I really want......that's your choice.
Now shiould you choose an R model, be aware that some race parts aren't going to last as long on the street such as 2 ring race pistons.
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i have both s and R . i dont think the S is any better than the R on the street . but the R is a dream to ride on the track . if i were you it'll be an R or FE .
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I really appreciate everyone responding. Thank you very much - all of you have definitely given me a lot of great input and advice...I will update soon with my choice.

All the best and safe riding ..

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Originally Posted by Twistedracer View Post
Since you said purely street the S makes the best choice. But if you've ever said I really want......that's your choice.
Now shiould you choose an R model, be aware that some race parts aren't going to last as long on the street such as 2 ring race pistons.
Mine had almost 10,000 miles with zero issues
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Originally Posted by royal View Post
'S' should stand for Street as it's by far the best choice for road riding and you can switch it to traditional suspension if needed when you go onto track. The active suspension is genius on the road and makes the bike friendly(ish) and useable on most surfaces whereas the base and R models need good quality surfaces to ride well.

Regarding the thread question my advice would be to take the above into account and think hard about what you ride. The R ( and hence the FE ) can be a real drag when you are not riding hard at the limit. If you are going at it then the engine in the FE will be the most amazing thing you can buy for less than 50k. The S does everything incredibly well and would be my choice if I could only have one bike and wanted to keep it long term to use for all types of riding. I'd love to have an Anniversario.
You and others. Twisted Racer's Anniversario didn't last long on the sales floor; I think it went in less than a week.
Thanks from Twistedracer
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