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Originally Posted by TurboLag View Post
Blueprinted engine, full akra, sprint P08, custom tune, light wheels and a 520 conversion. Dyno break in. Came out higher before the SC2 warmed up, but stabilised at 203 whp all at working temps. Old engine with exhaust and tune pulled 185 whp on the same dyno.
Sounds like a beast!
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Get a dealer supported extended warranty before factory warranty end and be covered for up to 3 more years. Peace of mind and protects value of your bike.
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Originally Posted by Captain Greg View Post
Guys my 1299 is coming out of warranty in 4 months, it's been a interesting bike so far.
New master cylinder on the front within a week of delivery, Two quickshifter modules replaced, dash replaced as it lost pixels.

The bike has not had a hard time, and by all accounts a garage queen, so should I drop it? Total km is 4324
Problem is that comparing it to the Jap offerings for 2018 I just don't seem to be seduced
The V 4 that's on its way will it be more reliable or just more trouble?
Will it need a water pump and rebuild soon is the question? (1299)

Any one else unsure of there future with miss Pani?
Hey bud,

Sucks that u had bad experience with your bike, but I do think it's just an individual case for u. I had my bike for 3 going on to 4 years now and other then normal mantance. My 1199s runs like a charm i had 2 problem so far the first was idle problem but that was fixed after first service and now my N sensor is a bit glitchy. Other then that no problems what so ever. That being said I would ditch the bike u have now and just go for a new one because u never know what's gonna happen next.

Fun fact: after ducati is bought by audi they are one of the most the pangalie is one of the most reliable bikes out there. Check out the like hopefully it can help decide to sell or not.

The 10 Most Reliable Motorcycle Companies

Cheers man and good luck!
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Those may be the end of your problems for quite a while. My Ducs have held up pretty good and they live on the track, ridden hard but maintained well. I don't store them in winter but take them out for a gentle couple laps around the community when it's dry once or twice a month unless I head south to California.
Thanks from Twistedracer
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Sound like we have another Ducati Cry baby

Sound like we have another Ducati Cry baby
Thanks from Mutt1979, able duc and jpanigale
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Dump it..
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Get a warranty or let it go.
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Thanks for the guys who added constructive comments, as for south africa it seems no extended warranty is available as an option.

Never thought of myself as a cry baby......but then I have never had to spend hours on the side if the road with a broken down vehicle

I suppose the cry baby comment comes from a tosser who has only recently purchased his first new ride and has years of exp battling with unreliable shit.

I am simply tabeling my concerns regarding the bikes reliability...... yet some guys feel it's a platform to urinate down my throat.

Having been fortunate in the past (after years if hard work) to own one it two new machines and taking the emotional decision to buy a Ducati I'm just surprised as to how temperamental they are.

Further to this for those wise ass guys who have not yet suffered a fault with miss Pani 1299 let me add that the dash replacement had I paid for it (it's under warranty) it would have cost almost 12 % of the purchase price of the bike.

So raising concern seems to rub some wankers up the wrong way? Why I'm trying to acertain if it's a isolated case or if owners world wide with varying riding skills and demands on the bike are seeing similar problems, simply put I am trying to make decision based on facts and not emotion.
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If facts are what you're after, then the fact is other peoples opinions of what YOU should do doesn't matter and shouldn't have any impact on your overall decision. Why? Because every bike is different. There are plenty of owners on here and some who aren't that probably have never had a single thing go wrong with their bike, even well beyond the warranty period. There are also people who have had issues with it from day 1 (figuratively speaking). General consensus would be that the Panigale model has been pretty reliable and there are a few owners who have over 20k miles on their bike. In the end, it's a mix between an emotional and financial decision. Is there a better looking bike out there that makes you feel better when riding it than the Panigale and can you afford or are willing to pay the costs if/when you have an issue with the bike outside of the warranty period. That should be the only 2 questions you should ask yourself. Nothing else matters.
Thanks from youngR

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I feel your concerns, my lease is up next year, do I keep it or hand it back? its not even done 2k miles and just as it was a week out of warranty the actuator gave up in the front fork, something that I was lucky to still have remedied under warranty the cost being in the 800 reign had I paid for it.

But there is just nothing out there that imo looks anywhere as gorgeous as this. Even though it's a bitch to ride and uncomfortable at times a twist of the throttle and none of that matters. Will. Keep it....probably
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