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Stephen6 Nov 30th 2017 03:55 PM

RapidBike Evo and Tuneboy: My Experience with Both
I have a 2016 1299 standard with Arrow cat eliminator exhaust.
I had RapidBike Evo installed about 4000 miles ago. After having RB installed, I experienced a power cut-out at around 4500 rpm, almost like the bike was about to die. I also can't say I noticed any power increase. I hooked my laptop up to RB and had a screen sharing session with Yamman. He said it looked like RapidBike was doing some good adjustments. I still have to say I didn't notice an improvement.

I had RB removed by the dealer that installed it, and the 4500 rpm sputtering went away. The ECU was now back to stock.

I installed Tuneboy a week ago. You have to carefully follow the instructions, but it wasn't too hard. I used the Akropovic slip-on tune. The bike now starts instantly. The power has noticeably increased. The throttle response seems smoother. There is no hole in the power anywhere in the rpm range. I'm very happy with the tune. It's just an rpm/throttle position tune, and it works.

I have a 2015 Yamaha R1 with a great FT ECU tune specifically for my Graves exhaust, and I wanted the same type of experience on the 1299. Now I have it.

Johnnyflies Nov 30th 2017 04:00 PM

1299s with rb and slip on decat

On road despite the low rpm closed loop it removed the fluffiness that my 1299 has at low rpm

Dyno check/ set up showed that top end increased by 4 hp and the curve was smoother.
Just my experience [emoji106]

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AmpForE Nov 30th 2017 05:44 PM

I've considered the RB but ultimately decided against due to the installation procedure. My bike definitely runs different when running on ethanol and non ethanol gas. Would be nice to have RB as ethanol is not always readily available.

DStyleNZL Dec 2nd 2017 12:49 PM

Ive been sticking it out with TB for a couple years now. You really have to fly solo with TB and depending on wayne's mood on the day as to weather you get a a hepfull response or even just a email reply.
Not having a local tuner has limited deveoplment on my bike. It is much better that factory, but untill I transfer to a city with a tuner its not 100%.
The QS needs alot of work, which is the biggest disappointment. But as TB is cheap than getting a RB + Blipbox guess you get what you payed for.

A mate has both a RB and TB installed on his Diavel. RB for the tuning and TB for CC and QS.

Cosmik de Bris Dec 3rd 2017 01:05 PM

I've had Tuneboy for 18 months on my 1299, it has made my bike run much better in that it just feels nicer, no hesitation or stalling etc. I put the Termi undertail system on and just used the full akra tune. Just doing a bit of looging with WB O2 shows it may be a little rich but it really goes well with this tune. I've only corresponded with Wayne a couple of times but he has been pretty helpful to me.


Keilaz Dec 3rd 2017 01:49 PM

After reading all the posts on TB, I tentatively installed TB with CC on my 1199 approx 2 years ago.

Noticed an immediate improvement in the closed loop section. I used the slip on termi tune. This made the bike so much easier to ride. I had the bike dyno tuned around a year ago. Again, there was a noticeable difference in the power delivery. One of the best improvements for the 1199 IMO.

cycler Dec 3rd 2017 10:32 PM

I just installed the rapid bike on my 1299. I had a rapid bike on my 2014 Ducati Monster 1200s. It was made the 1200s more of a beast than it already was. Scared me a bit the first time I gave it throttle while making a K turn in my driveway after pulling out of my garage. The throttle response was instant and its as though the bike wanted to jump up.

Now I installed the RB on my 1299. Took me 2 days because the instructions werent perfect and i had to route the harness a different way. Took off the lower fairings/bellypan because I didnt like how it mounted or maybe thats the way you mount it on the 1199. And had to remove plastic covers on the right side to get to connectors even though it didnt say so in the instructions and if I didnt it would be difficult to reach certain connectors. Anyway Ill stop bitching now. Its done. I rode the bike. Felt better than before. None of that laggy lurching almost wanting to stall at 4-4500k rpms. Throttle response felt better. Launch felt stronger since power came up instant just like on my 14 Monster 1200s (traded her in). I have slip on Termis and a upgraded filter on the bike. Im curious as to why some people here say they are still experiencing that lurching almost want to stall at 4500 rpms and others dont? Is it maybe because of the exhaust, filter or something else?

That being said. I havent done much research on the tuneboy. Do you have to send your ecu to get flashed or just download the tuneboy? And here is a question that I wish someone could answer because I never understood these things and dont know how to do them and let my friends play around with my TTS tuners on my harleys or play around on other tuners on my street bikes. And they never explained it properly to me and Im not ashamed to ask. How does one tune a rapid bike or tuneboy and get a map that they are happy with? How does one know what parameters they need? I am clueless to this. Just trying to be taught on this method. When I track any of my bikes that have fuel management systems , depending on the track or where I am some friends play around with my tunes but never explained it to me so that I understand. Im not an idiot, I design and distribute instruments for types of eye surgery. But my friends just cant seem to explain it so I understand.

Rogue Dec 4th 2017 01:04 AM


Originally Posted by cycler (Post 297410)
Your post

Most of your questions are answered here:


rpm429 Dec 4th 2017 07:47 AM

Since I've had experience with many failed intercepter style tuners on customers cars/trucks due to connector quality or hardware failures, I never even considered the rapidbike for my Ducati. They were from many diffrent companies edge/bulldog/superchips etc...

Bmf007 Dec 4th 2017 10:44 AM

So far have a bren tune and love it

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