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Old Dec 19th 2017, 07:08 AM   #21
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I Ride: 1299S
Originally Posted by maska321 View Post
Sounds like Ducat has good excuses for their issues...
Attached official answer about my flickering headlights....I afraid that manual will grow up quickly.Attachment 24301
My 1299S did this from day one. You only notice it after key off and until the ECU shuts down some 70 seconds later. Does not cause any problems, just that it never used to do it on the 1199S I had, so strikes me as odd.
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Old Dec 19th 2017, 12:18 PM   #22
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Originally Posted by topolino View Post
My 1299S did this from day one. You only notice it after key off and until the ECU shuts down some 70 seconds later. Does not cause any problems, just that it never used to do it on the 1199S I had, so strikes me as odd.

OK,thanks for info.
I had the same impression specially that I couldn’t find similar issue anywhere else. It really looks like it is normal flickering headlight sound weird though.
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Old Jan 7th 2018, 12:18 PM   #23
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so I decided to do the pump, based on the advise from some of you guys on this forum.

Its worth noting that if the pump main seal is going then yes you get loads of little leaks and the coolant dripping out the weep hole , please look at the pic where I highlight with yellow how the impeller was rubbing up against the casing.
Now when we look at the pump we can see that the milled in Chanel takes the water out through the hole we see in the left hand side cover - the leak the factory is telling us is normal.. ye right. The coolant leaks in behind the impeller and this escape Chanel stops it from running out the shaft and into the oil...the pump is driven from a set of deralin gears behind the clutch basket all in the sump/gearbox oil

What I have learnt is that my seal was going and the pump is not serviceable and a new unit must be fitted, so I will report on that in a few days.

I was also sucked into the weight reduction thread on the forum, so I pulled out the servo motor and cable that controls the flapper in the exhaust pipe, now I will remove this nasty little flap as well since the thing is pieces.
In other thread I see guys left the thing is as its a pain in the ass to get too, I will post a pic later tomorrow when I have removed the flap it does not look like a big thorn to sort.

I can only hope that after all the effort to do the pump I get rewarded with a bike that does not leak. Not wanting to wine on but guys if your bike is dripping any coolant from the little hole the the seal is fuked and you need to get on it.

I cant wait for able and Halo and other to rip into me again for moaning


ducati pump.JPG
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Old Jan 9th 2018, 11:01 AM   #24
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2015 1299S with 5k miles ridden hard under the south florida heat.
absolutely no leaks. i flushed the system and i put engine ice when the bike was new but it has never given me any issues.

sad to see so many of you guys with problems like this.
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Old Jan 9th 2018, 01:46 PM   #25
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Back in the day !!!

yeah ,back in the day , when I rode HD ,I regularly was told "that's to be expected " .
AND ...As time moves on ... progress !!! & that phrase disappeared ... and rightly so ... with the TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCES & SPACE AGE MATERIALS now being in everyday manufacturing ... and the consumer paying thru the nose ... THERE SHOULD NEVER BE THE KIND OF PURE BULLSHIT THAT WE HEAR ,PERTAINING TO THE PRODUCTS WE BUY TODAY ... "but that's to be expected", cause any fool knows ... obsolescense is built in ... shit ! I just bought my dream bike and 6 months later ... I'm thinkin ... a Ducati V4 ... damn , ain't that somethin to put under your ass ... but !!! first issue ??? really what kind of probs ??? and as a friend just said to me ... shouldn't be any fuking probs ... AT ALL !!! NOT IN THIS DAY & AGE ...
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