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Captain Greg Jan 20th 2018 09:14 AM

Water leak help needed from SL owners Please
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Could I ask for some help from the SL owners please?

I have been hounded with a water leak and have now had a new water pump installed by the dealer Under warrenty.
It was fine for a few Km and after a ride today in Cape Town with high ambient temps I have the leak again.:mad::mad: Im a little disappointed, but give the local dealer full marks for attempting to fix it

The document I have received from Ducati says that the SL has a pipe fitted to the weep hole to assist in removing the water as the pump leaks?
Please can I get a pic of how its done? from a man who owns one with this augmentation
My thinking is I will tap a thread into the weep hole and machine up a nipple to allow me to press a rubber pipe over it to direct the coolant to a small catch can ( I will machine that from billet as well) and anodize it so it looks like a factory fitted part.
My thinking is the small discrete catch can will allow me to vet the amount of coolant Im surrendering on a ride and give me an idea of when to remove fairings to replenish?
Please if you more knowledgeable guys think this is a stupid idea I would welcome the comments and advise.
I have posted this in my endless moaning about my water leak but here is the document again.
Hope I can get some solid advise from the guys that really know the Panigale's

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jpanigale Jan 20th 2018 02:54 PM

You have a SL now too mate??

Captain Greg Jan 20th 2018 09:15 PM


Originally Posted by jpanigale (Post 300180)
You have a SL now too mate??

jpanigale, is reading a problem with you? Please read my question I appreciate it could be a bit over the top for you.

Why would I ask for a picture of this water pipe on an SL if I had one :confused:
I think sometimes people like you just want to add to your post count because your ignored in real life.

Halo2 Jan 20th 2018 09:32 PM

They would have introduced it to all panigales as a recall....... as said before post a pic of your leak.

ryanfavro Jan 20th 2018 09:40 PM

You have a Superleggera, it’s unacceptable that it’s leaking anywhere. Leave it at the dealer until the problem is resolved under warranty. Insist your warranty be extended for the duration of the repair if it takes too long.

If you DIY you will lose warranty coverage on related components. Also think about those fragile tabs on the fairings if they break your on the hook to buy a new panel. If the dealer breaks them it’s their problem.

able duc Jan 20th 2018 09:52 PM

hahahahaha oh Greg
nobody listens :)

Dingo Jan 20th 2018 09:57 PM

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Here's a pic of the leak on my 959 - it hadn't been cleaned in all of 5K+ miles

Captain Greg Jan 20th 2018 10:50 PM

I dont have an SL I have a base I am looking for the pic of the pipe they say they installed on the SL!?? refer to the tech document I attached :confused::confused::confused:
Please read my post...

jpanigale Jan 21st 2018 03:49 AM

My bad....I suck...Sorry....

jpanigale Jan 21st 2018 03:50 AM

BTW, off topic sorry. Greg are you guys running out of water there?
Saw a whole special on Cape Town, three months of water left??

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