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Second bike - which one?

Hi Guys,

I have just relocated from Dubai to Japan and I have decided that I would like a bike for the street (essentially covering everything else than the track) as I already have a 15R which I use exclusively for the track.

I have always been a sports bike rider and was initially considering just to get a new or used Panigale (1199/1299/V4) for the street. However, even an old Panigale is quite costly here and I therefore decided to look (try) around first and see what else is in the market before making up my mind. I read the post about what everyone has as a second bike with great interest and that gave some inspiration.

Please note that the following observations of bikes tried are only based on a single test ride, completely subjective and not meant as criticism of each bike as I got a very limited impression only (a few hours max). I believe all the bikes are great and have each their advantages. I am merely looking for a bit of inspiration from you guys.

So far, I have tried out the following bikes:

- Monster 1200 R - Fun bike, great engine and power, but not sure I would enjoy it on a longer ride. Feels small (great for city) and not sure how it is in the country side. Love the overall design except for the exhaust.

- XDiavel - Great power and fun to sit feet-forward. Somehow like the whole cruiser concept, - but quite a ship to move around in the city and not much agility. When riding along it is very fine, but can feel I easily get impatient and miss the overall power to weight ratio of a super bike.

- BMW 1000RR - Super smooth engine and seem very reliable - almost to the extend that I find it lacking a bit of character and "personality". This is how I imagine it must be to ride a electric bike. No issue with the headlights but the color combination lacks a bit and overall lines of the design is (IMHO) far behind Ducati.

- KTM 1290 SD - Fun engine and very nice upright sitting position - I understand the bike is very popular due to its power, but for me personally, it lacks a bit on the design side and have a somewhat plastic feeling to it. Found it to be quite a big machine as well, but that might of course have its advantages if compared to the concerns for the Monster 1200R.

In the end I might just go safe and settle for another Panigale. However, would very much appreciate a bit of brainstorming and sharing of experience before just going ahead

Thank you guys
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Old Jul 23rd 2018, 06:18 AM   #2
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none of the above... Triumph 765RS
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Have a look / test ride a Multistrada.. you'll be surprised at how well they ride.
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Iím new here but I thought I would give you my opinion. You should try the Tuono V4 Factory, I have one at the minute but I need to scratch the Panigale itch so Iím trading it in for a 1299. Superb machine for the road.
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You should go with Tuono V4 or SDR. Tuono is great machine and you can run it on the track. I found SDR better for street riding.m and the riding position is a little bit more upright. Why I prefer it for the street.
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Old Jul 23rd 2018, 01:41 PM   #6
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My vote is the s1000rr. I have 3 bikes and that's the one that gets ridden the most. Maybe not my most lustworthy bike...but dare I say the best bike for the money and the most complete all around package. Bmw just created a great bike.
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I Ride: 2015 Panigale R, 1098r Bayliss, Triumph 675R (ex AMA Bike), Beta 300 RR Race
husqvarna 701
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Streetfighter S or Hypermotard 1100 EVO SP
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Originally Posted by gnance View Post
My vote is the s1000rr. I have 3 bikes and that's the one that gets ridden the most. Maybe not my most lustworthy bike...but dare I say the best bike for the money and the most complete all around package. Bmw just created a great bike.
I agree. I have the 2016 S1000RR. Nothing against the 2017, it's just down on power from the exhaust. From what I understand it "floats" over bumps compared to mine. I prefer it to my 2017 R1M. Bang for buck it isn't even close.

I spent 11 years in Japan. You need a bike with outstanding brakes, which the S1000RR has. It rains a lot there, like for weeks at a time, so you'll need something that does everything well. Again, the S1000RR.

I picked up a V4S in June, but it isn't broken in yet.

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get another Panigale, as you will then have a rolling parts source should you need it for the track bike....

or at least that was my 'Man Maths'
Thanks from Seismic and Mrdcook2
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