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jackgraves Sep 25th 2018 02:32 PM

Thoughts Vandemon Exhaust

jackgraves Sep 25th 2018 02:33 PM

Price is 2150.00 US 2990.00 IS AUD. Free Shipping till this coming Sunday

gnance Sep 25th 2018 02:45 PM

I have one on my H2 and really like the quality

BadBoyBeltran Sep 25th 2018 03:52 PM

Nice exhaust and great price!

Jake Sep 25th 2018 04:27 PM

Any pics of one installed on a 1299 with a sound bite?

Phl Sep 25th 2018 04:32 PM

Nice, really nice!!!

jackgraves Sep 26th 2018 04:22 AM

I ordered one last night I'll post pictures after Dyno work and my belly pan is on. It's so hard to post pics on this Darn sight. Unless they have made it easier or someone has pointers on posting pictures here, I'd appreciate some posting pictures advise. Thanks

Phl Sep 26th 2018 05:30 AM

go to imgur.com
or get the app
create account
snap pic,
upload and title it
copy link of pic
post here

Domino Sep 26th 2018 05:53 AM

108 dB? Eff that!

jackgraves Sep 26th 2018 06:24 AM


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