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1299s cough

I have some issues... Involving my Panigale...
Firstly: I bought a 1299 s with 21K miles.

Secondly: I drive it to work almost every day and have noticed that the exhaust flapper valve stopped operating. Not a huge issue, but I prefer things to work as intended.

Thirdly: I have noticed coolant (its Pink) coming from the water pump weep hole this week.. just ugh...

Fourthly:* The big one*
-After owning for 1 month and whilst driving at a cruising speed (first only lower RPMs, now higher as well) the bike sputters, coughs, and jolts as if the ignition is being cut but then is being roll started since I am moving. It will continue until I accelerate or pull the clutch.
- almost feels like I dropped a cylinder at times (so maybe spark issue?)
- happens well into tanks of gas ( its not bad gas)
- happens while bike is hot and cold (not a hot bike issue)
- I checked the battery and all accessible electronic connections (not a battery issue)
- bike sounds VERY clanky and like its falling apart. (could be exhaust flapper valve issue)
- * turned off quick shifter and the issue seemed to subside, then all electronic aids however it threw an engine code (EOBD). Re instated all and still throws engine code within 2 miles of start. Warning resets with key cycle.
What could cause these issues? Scheduled to take it to the dealer tuesday, any input would be helpful.

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bring it to a shop and have it checked.

(especially for #4)

i can help you with flapper valve removal...
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The only thing I can think of for the last bit is to check your oxygen sensor connections. Sometimes, even though the connection look secure, the pins in the connector get pushed back and it doesn’t make a connection. This happened with me with my rapid bike. The O2 sensor controls fueling in the lower rpm throttle ranges. Could also be a bad sensor.
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The quick shifter switches go bad easily. When mine went it caused the bike to sputter and cut (this is after all the job of the quick shifter). But it did it all the time, weird that yours is fine under acceleration.
Also check switch at the clutch lever, if this is set incorrectly it can also cause cuts and sputters.

Is there any aftermarket fuelling devices on there? Like a rapidbike / tuneboy / power commander? Did previous owner maybe have a device and then removed it?

Stock exhaust?
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Old Oct 5th 2018, 03:24 AM   #5
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Thanks all for your input!
I wish I knew more about the previous owners experience with this bike. Dealer only shared their service records for it. There are a few aftermarket items on it, so there could have been fuel mods as well. The bike seemed to be running perfectly for a few weeks at first, then gradually, I noticed things were changing for the worse.
Prev owner did buy and service it at the deal I got it from, so that's a good sign.
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Based on what I have read, sounds like a MAP sensor.
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Old Oct 7th 2018, 09:39 PM   #7
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I don’t know how similar the 1299 is to the 1199, but…

The exhaust butterfly valve… on the 1199, the spring will hold it open should the cable break, the motor fail, etc. …exhaust flow will not be hindered. If you want to remove the butterfly valve from the equation, the electrical connector can be removed from the actuating motor without throwing an EOBD indication, although a failure code can be read if analyzed with diagnostic software.

The weep hole… another forum member recently mentioned that Ducati indicates that it’s normal for a small amount of coolant to be expelled from the weep hole. That’s the first time that I’ve heard/read that it was “normal” for any amount of coolant to be ejected from the hole. I have heard, however, that the design allows coolant to purge from the weep hole instead of internally when a water pump failure occurs. One look at the inside of the water pump and you know that it’s been designed to direct water to the weep hole, but under what circumstances?

The bike sputters… this is where diagnostic software (such as MelcoDiag) can really be useful. The bike might not throw an error message on the dash, but a diagnostic trouble code may have been recorded. You might consider downloading the software to diagnosis future problems.
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1299s, cough, engine code

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