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1299 - Commuting

Hey Guys,

New to this forum and was hoping for some help. I know it has been covered a few times but trying to lay my mind at ease.

I've been riding a Yamaha r6 for the last 14yrs and thanks to some jerk hitting me, we have since parted ways. I'm looking at upgrading and since seeing the 1299, it has been love at first sight and am failing to see beauty in any other beast.

Here in lies my predicament, while I love the 1299, these days my riding strictly resides to daily commuting to work, 15km each way, and to the gym (2km). Seeing I ride in business trousers to work (yes, silly I know) and shorts to the gym (worse still, I get it), I am worried about how bearable the heat will be, especially in Summer (Sydney, Australia).

Any insight, other than my lack of riding apparel, would be appreciated.


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If you wear shorts and ride a 1299, you must enjoy getting second degree burns. i wear Kevlar jeans or leather pants, even then when I get home after riding I've got two red spots on my inner thighs from the heat. Its manageable, but in shorts? That's pain bro. It also sucks in most city traffic due to the gearing and clutch.
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Commute? Not an f’n chance. It’d be miserable.
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Get yourself a Monster or Aprilia Tuono. A Panigale might be the worst commuter bike ever.
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Hey mate I’m in Adelaide and just picked up my 1299 two weeks ago I commute 35kms each way 20kms of that on expressway and rest city traffic. By the time I hit work my inner thighs are hot. I just ordered heat shielding hope it will be here next week. It’s a bit of a pain in traffic as it gets warm quick and I haven’t experienced 30plus degrees yet. But in saying that I love the bike. Hope this helps a bit I wear Kevlar or dry rider pants. Also when it gets real hot I just put my knee out for some extra ventilation haha
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Hey bigred, fellow Sydneysider here with a 1299. Commuting on a Pani in Sydney traffic is pain, you'll hate it. As cpettit said, get yourself a Tuono or dare I say it...a 250 for commuting.

The heat a pani puts out even in in winter can be felt when stationary/low speeds. Would hate to imagine what it'd be like in summer, coupled with a considerably heavy clutch and the aggressive riding position = not fun.

Pani's are the worst commuter bike in city stop-go-stop traffic.
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1299 - Commuting

OMG! Do not buy this bike to commute, you will be sorry. Donít even buy the Supersport. You are literally sitting on the rear cylinder and Ducati did absolutely nothing to extract the heat away from the rider. In fact what they have done is direct the radiant heat directly to the back of your legs. The tank literally sits on top of the cylinder and gets up to 130+ degrees. Your balls will bake especially in shorts. I Installed this heat shield and now the tank is under 110, but overall, all my efforts to reduce heat have not been successful. Itís a wonderful bike to ride especially when you can ride it hard, but between the heat, vibration, uneven throttle below 5k rpm, and the FE, it does not make the best commuter. However, there are people who do commute on one.

You have been warned. Lol

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You can do it but it will take extra funds just to make it an "ok" experience. like others have said, heat shielding, carbon covers and fueling adjustments will be needed to make it tolerable. if you really want to go the extra mile a larger radiator to bring the engine temps down and a clutch slave (if you still like to shift old school) will make things a bit more pleasant too.
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I own an 1199S but have a few hundred miles on a 1299S too. You can commute just fine on both like any supersport/superbike. I ride to work on nice days and it is a blast, the heat is only a real problem after 30-45 mins and in slow/stopped traffic. But make no mistake, the bike gets VERY hot and will burn your bare legs if you ride in shorts.

If you want it, get it.
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Agree with everyones comments, you'll cook in shorts. Even in jeans it gets a bit toasty in slow moving traffic, especially if the temp is 20C +

Having said that, I commute on mine but its mostly freeway and then a short run through slow traffic. Lane splitting helps to keep moving but its definitely not the most comfortable commuter..

Consider a Multistrada ( high position, super comfy, still nice and sporty ) or a hypermotard.. never ridden one but I imagine they are a lot of fun.
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