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Has anyone put in her 1299 the update DTC Evo performance?

The reference is 96580151A
Update the 1299 Panigale software to:
And add Spin On demand

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Originally Posted by Freestylero View Post
The reference is 96580151A
Update the 1299 Panigale software to:
And add Spin On demand

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This is some cut and paste from an earlier response I had to this question.


I can try and answer this. Depends on the year of your 1299S. If you have a 2015 or a 2016 There really is not a slide control. That became available on the Anniversary bike. Shortly there after Ducati offered the option you could purchase on your 2015-2016 1299s through a software download at your dealer. Now as far as how it works. The slide control will only work once you put your bike in either modes 1 or 2. This EVO slide control also came with an advanced wheelie control as well. I have it on both my street bike and my race bike and to be quite honest with you. I really only notice it on the race bike and even at that point I really need to be ON IT to get it to work. The other thing to keep in mind is that this was Ducati 1st attempt at slide control. And when you think about it. They are trying to control a bike with over 100 ft of torque. Crazy right. I can see why it is so much more effective and controllable on the V4. Ah progress!


My opinion is that the EVO DTC/DWC is a very nice add on if you are racing. Other wise. I don't see much befit on the street. For $560 bucks you need to decide if your talents are going to be better suited using that money for track time or performance gain on the bike. Hope this helps.
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Yes. I bought a 2016 model 1299S this winter and put the DTC and DWC EVO upgrade on it after putting about 1000km on it in stock mode.

I also upgraded to the V4S sized 200/60 Supercorsa SP V3 rear tire.

The tire upgrade is important because the DTC level 1 is optimized for slick tires sized 200/60 with SC2 side compound which the Supercorsa SP V3 has.

I come from Aprilia bikes which have telepathic handling and ride on rails. The Panigale was more like a bucking bronco out of every corner compared to what I was used to.

I'm a fairly aggressive rider and for the street, this DTC EVO level 1 and Supercorsa SP V3 200/60 combination is amazing. The bike that was fishtailing out of corners before, is now extremely planted and smoothly painting a nice thick black rubbery line out of every corner without any drama or upsetting the rear suspension.

The Panigale is a fairly long bike, something I don't particularly like about it as my experience with the tiny RSV4 was pure perfection, but with the spin on demand through DTC EVO, you can really make the 1299 feel much smaller in the corners than it is.

It's incredibly satisfying honestly and imo I can understand they charge for the upgrade as I'm sure considerable work went into developing the new algorithm that makes so much better use of the TC equipment.

Whether this system is gonna be to your taste, probably depends a lot on whether the standard 1299S rides exactly the way you want it to or not. For me it made the bike quite a bit more enjoyable.
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I Ride: 1299s 2016 with Evo update and 1199s 2012 'project' bike
i have the EVO upgrade on my 2016 1299s,
the intervention is much less intrusive, and it used to pump out of the corner on a hard throttle, so i can agree with the comments above.
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installed evo., race bike only.. has some very slight differences from stock that you will only notice on track and youll need to be fast.. i suspect any street rider that claims he notices is being "optimistic".. imho, for street, just dont waste your money .. for trackday guys, save the money and get rider training instead..(highly highly highly recommend) for racers, when you lap within 5% of the track lap record, then consider this evo option ..
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