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Originally Posted by Buliwyf View Post
In a perfect world, that's correct.

But if you've tested oil and engines to their failure point, there's a big difference. Especially in shear strength. Seems that oils with a larger 1st # walk all over the protection levels of lighter oils at operating temps.

5w30 is not even close to the protection level of 10w30. Even with the last # being the same. It ain't easy getting oil to swing that much. That's why 0w30 is only available in full synthetic. 15w30 would stomp 5w30 in testing.

10w40 can break down as it ages. Down to around 5w30 performance. 5w30 breaks down into crap. My truck takes 5w20 or 5w30. For towing in the summer, I switch to 10w30. 10w has a much better shear strength.

15w40 is king of all my testing. Possibly why darn near every large generator engine uses it, or straight 40w.

What about 15w50? It breaks down to 10w30 performance levels quite quickly. Henceforth why those engines are quite strict about oil changes. Before that though, it's performance was excellent. Makes sense. if the oil is only used in high performance or race engines, who cares if it breaks down quickly, if the trade off is superior protection during the normal maintenance window.

Also keep in mind how hot the Panigales run in traffic. That's not easy on oil. We don't need to waste $$$ on oil here by sticking to specific brand. But this is not a good spot to save money either. As long as you get proper decent oil, like the variety others have mentioned, you're good to go. But using very cheap auto oils, I don't recommend.

Bike is never in traffic, it is a track only bike. Some of my tracks get to 110 degrees though, so even when hustling the bike will ping 200 degrees.

I think I will stick to 10w40 and keep my change routine.
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Back in the mid-90's I raced an FZR400. Ran Yamalube 20w40 exclusively. Then decided to switch to a Valvoline 10w40 and coincidentally spun a rod bearing on the first weekend of changing to a lighter oil. I run Motul 15w50 in my 899.
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5w30, mobil1

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