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This place sure isn't what it used to be. Ahhh, the good ol days.
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Originally Posted by loki99er View Post
well RF ... it's plain 2 see you have comprehension probs ... cause I'm trying to find out why people are so dismissive about fitting components to a motorcycle so that it is comfortable enough to actually ride and enjoy ... instead of torturing themselves by accepting the bike as provided because others say ... maybe motorcycles aint fer you !
and it looks like you are one of those who dismiss serious thought because you would rather talk about yourself ... typical ... self absorbed ...wasting time cause you want attention like you were a little boy who feels neglected ... look folks RF ...WANTS ATTENTION ... GOT NUTHIN TO SAY ... BUT !!! HE SERIOUSLY WANTS ATTENTION ...WOW !
I donít think youíre really telling us how you feel. Donít hold back.
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Okay, I'll answer this question. I'll do in English so it should work for everyone, including the Canadian who doesn't like English.

I'll start by saying that I am a former professional cyclist (national champion, national team, blah blah blah) so I know a thing or two about the importance of fit in cycling. Bicycle fit is supremely important because fit is a prime function of the power a cyclist can produce and power has a direct bearing on success. Fit has secondary functions, such as balance for handling and descending, and aerodynamics for efficiency at speed, but the primary one is for maximum power over long periods.

On a motorcycle, the motorcycle produces the power. You can fit well or you can pit poorly but the motorcycle is going to produce the exact same amount of power regardless. Because of that, a motorcycle rider can moved around on a motorcycle with no compromise in power. You can sit close to the bars, far from the bars, tuck low, hold your arms straight, etc. with no real effect on the ability of the motorcycle. Contrary to what the OP put in his initial post, it is not uncommon (in fact, far from it) for someone to change their position. Adjustable rear sets are the norm - I have on every single bike I have - and often times people change their seats. Anyways, since this has no effect on the motorcycle's ability to produce power or speed, there are lots of ways to ride without actually changing the fit via hardware.
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I'll wade in as another long-time cyclist to agree with the OP (& Sherpa23 to a degree), that adjusting your bike to fit you shouldn't be controversial or troublesome. It's not about cruiser bike comfort, it's about balance, which improves performance. Not the engine, but the rider's. I remember when Attack built that MotoGP CRT bike for Blake Young a few years ago; they spent the whole first part of testing on ergonomics, even building a completely different tank/seat to accommodate it to him. Suzuki also used to have different tank seat setups for their MotoGP bikes as well, purely for ergos to fit different size riders. Everyone at that level pays a lot of attention to ergos.

Everyone's built differently, with their own unique center of mass, so we all fit differently on our bikes. That affects our weight distribution and balance, and a bit of tweaking here or there can make a big difference, even if someone would be pressed to tell the difference just looking at the bike.

I've noted the point in this forum before that bikes really ought to have a degree of ergonomic adjustability built in, so you're not stuck with one setup without having to drop another grand plus on your brand new bike. After all, you wouldn't think of buying a premium car with a fixed, non-adjustable seat and steering wheel, so why accept it with premium motorcycles? Some are better than others in this regard, but KTM showed best how to do it with the RC8; adjustable rearsets, clipons, and subframe/seat position. It's not that hard to do.
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So sorry for my tardyness folks ,old injury acting up and needed down time ... SO!!! I guess no one gets tired because of ill fitment .
Fatigue is something we all fight whether or bikes fit us well or not .We constantly fight for balance ... as a bicycle rider you notice that more than on a motorcycle ... but after a race on either you will be fatigued from trying to maintain your form and function .
That's as SIMPLE as I can get for those ,that ,DO NOT WANT TO UNDERSTAND.
For the rest of us ,it is understandable that fitment is important and FATIGUE is our worst enemy ... and simply keeping balance , keeping cramping away ,keeping numbness from our wrists and keeping general fatigue at bay is an ongoing battle that can be avoided with fitment .
As I am 6'4 and 210lbs , I have never found a bike that did not need some fitment ... others are lucky and fall within that range whereupon everything is designed around them.
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