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If you live in south Florida...

I highly recommend finding anywhere BUT Euro Cycles of Tampa bay. I dropped my bike off for a simple insurance quote (scratched fairings) and for the brake recall and for them to do a simple check up because the warranty was to expire in a few weeks. It has been over 3 months and nothing has been done. I asked them to look into my clutch master cylinder because it was losing pressure and probably needed to be warrantied. a week later, I was told "we bled the clutch and that fixed it." weird, maybe ive been bleeding it wrong this whole time, so I asked him "did you check it a couple days later cause it takes a few days to lose pressure?" they responded "yeah of course! everything is up to speed!" so I go to pick the bike up and squeeze the clutch and lo and behold, its limper then a wet noodle. I said "wtf is going on here? you couldn't be bothered to simply squeeze the lever???" oh were sorry.... we can order a new one for you, it'll be 600$. I said "fuck that, its still under warranty" and he told me "no, your warranty expired at the end february (this was April by this point)" and I had to remind him 2 times I dropped it off before the warranty expired and he went and checked the computer to confirm I was right. then he made ME go tell his sales guy to order the part. the guy starts asking me "whats the ROI number? do you have a such and such?" and I'm just like "wtf are you talking about? I dont even work here" but he finally gets it ordered.

so another month goes by, I email them "whats going on? its been a month and I had parts come in from overseas so dont blame shipping" oh sorry, we forgot to order the part (no shit, because you tried to make someone who didn't work there order it) but its on order now and should be in next week and we'll have it done by then. 2 weeks go by and I get another email: "do you have repair records? because we can't help you unless you have accurate repair records" and I sent them my pdf with my repairs ive done and also "why the hell do you need any records for a master cylinder? I can do a fucking engine swap and nothing would affect the master cylinder" and its been 2 weeks and I have heard nothing back. I dont know what the next step is, but I'm going to talk to an attorney this weekend because this has cost me track days, 4 months insurance payments and they've ruined my bike with UV damage. If anyone has any other recommendations, I'd be glad to hear. They are 2 hours away and I can't just go in and cuss them out or I would.
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Not any better in Orlando or Daytona
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In the end, or the beginning I guess....

You can post your experience and their drama on the BBB. I did it for Kawasaki and they were ALLLLLLL over it and called me personally from corporate after customer care blew me off. They offered me a pretty big solution to my problem with them and then posted their offer on the site. For some big businesses it really matters to them that rating on BBB.

Unfortunately your place isnt "registered" with them but they are still on there and for now have an A+ rating. Post what you want, and the BBB contacts them and asks for a resolution. Just keep in mind it can go either way, they can panic and help you, or screw you over more. If you are on your last string with them anyway, who cares. If you still have a little bit more you can push, then wait.


My .02

Thanks from Georgian Ducatisti
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Originally Posted by NOLA View Post
Just keep in mind it can go either way, they can panic and help you, or screw you over more.
just make sure everything you say, you can back it up. these days merchants like to sue even if you're just giving your "opinion." just saying. we live in a "new" world. you would think the bbb would be above it all (and it prob is) but you never know.
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Ducati of Jacksonville takes super good care of me. Highly recommend them. Unfortunately it's probably 4-5 hour drive up 95 for you
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