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Originally Posted by twistedracer View Post
as much of a ducati fan as i am, i cannot blindly praise the panigale v4 as being the best or fastest or most powerful sportbike out there. The panigale is now a 4 cylinder engine, same as all the rest of the other manufacturers fours. But being as ducati chose to make it an 1103cc vs a 1000cc engine, it canít be compared to anyone elseís sportbike. Ducati could have tuned a 1000cc v4 into being a good street engine but they chose not to. Once again ducati chose to play by their own rules so they canít even be compared to anyone elseís street going superbike.
Yes i know that the r will be a 1000cc homologation bike, but the key word is homologation and not even close in price or engine to the other streetbikes so no comparison there either.
But itís all about power numbers when it comes to selling bikes for the street. More power and faster is what sells and just making equivalent or one or two more horses out of the same size street engine as the rest wonít guarantee sales with the premium prices of ducati. Hence the ďcheaterĒ engine.

Like i said, iím a fan but i donít follow blindly. But i also acknowledge that the v4 is an impressive engine even for its displacement.
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Originally Posted by Riki View Post
Youíre talking twins vs fours. Even though twins were allowed 1200cc vs 1000cc for fours people still complained about size being equal. So might as well build whatever you want.
But we are now comparing 4 vs 4, itís a whole different story now. So this time 1103cc canít even be compared to other sportbikes as itís a whole different class.
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Originally Posted by Twistedracer View Post
So this time 1103cc canít even be compared to other sportbikes as itís a whole different class.
No, it isnt. Its in exactly the same class as all the other superbikes when you look at weight, handling, power, ergonomics, intended use, etc. The extra displacement gives it more torque for a better street experience. There's nothing stopping the other manufacturers from doing the same. They chose not to. Their loss. Comparing the v4 panigale to h2 or busa class bikes makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
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Peak hp figures just for bragging rights anyway....
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Slightly off topic but I think the reason other manufacturers don't do this because of cost. The extra tooling and machining from producing 2 engines instead of one for homologated qualification doesn't make sense unless for a "premium brand" like ducati where the target market would historically pay more for it anyways.

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Hmmmm well what a tough crowd!

Firstly comparing this to a Kawasaki H2 seriously?

Secondary, whatís this ďcheater engineĒrubbish? Ducati has built these models as road bikes they can do whatever the hell they want. Thatís whatís great about Ducati, they beat to their own drum, and are very often a step or two ahead.

Ducatiís never get anywhere in comparison tests, down here Ducati has given up giving bike for comparison, I see this in other countries too. I could not give one iota of care if my Ducati is ď as good ď as a kawahahaondauzuki abomination.

Guys get a grip, Ducati has raised the bar yet again, pulled their pants down and given a big old kick up the arse. Gotta love that! If you donít, there are many other bikes out there for you....
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Not meant to start a war between brands. My point was just that the journalists seem to throw out contradictory info.
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Nothing new here people...1299 for street and 1199R for track..come on...
There are no rules for the street wake up....
Market driven....
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Originally Posted by Ryfly05 View Post
There's nothing stopping the other manufacturers from doing the same. They chose not to.
That is exactly what Domenicali said, racing is one thing, but Ducati made the engine size they thought would make the best all-around bike and if the other manufacturers choose to make their street bike the same size as their homologation bike that's their choice. Ducati doesn't see a CC limit of any kind as relevant for the standard production bike. Who cares what size the engine is, unless you're racing it's irrelevant. That would be like saying it's not fair for a manufacturer to make their bike lighter than their competitors, since weight and power both have an impact on performance.
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Aprilia is running a cheater v4 engine too. Tuono is 1100 and same engine as rsv4.
It’s not new. Ducati were just clever enough to do it on the sportsbike.
Makes perfect sense for low end grunt.
Well done Ducati.
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